FS2K Troubles

Sat Mar 04, 2000 2:32 pm

I have scanned thru every troubleshooting tip @ Microsofts FS2K and cannot find one that relates to my troue,e.
When I click "Go to Airports" and select any airport listed. My ground level view: I have no runway or recognizable features at the airport I am at.
The ground is multicolored..with no runway or airport features...and yet the default Miegs Field in Chicago
is great.. I have all the appropriate hardware and a 8MB graphics card to run and perform FS2K. Anyone have a clue or experience this and a troubleshooting tip?

RE: FS2K Troubles

Sat Mar 04, 2000 10:50 pm

I have found the solution!..yes, folks I'm "stupid"
all I needed was Disk 2 in my cd rom carries all of the scenery I was trusty spouse reminded me of my disk 2..

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