New To Safety Card Collection

Thu Mar 16, 2000 8:45 am

Hi! I'm new to Safety Card collection, and this forum. I'm wondering if anyone knows a good way to get Safety Cards for hobbies without actually flying every other day. I just talked with the folks at Vanguard (who are, by the way, very nice), and they're going to send some 737-200 Safety Cards over. Do any other airlines do this? Thanks for any and all help, and I look forward to participating in discussions here!

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RE: New To Safety Card Collection

Thu Mar 16, 2000 8:53 am

Hh! And welcome to the forum!

I hope that you will enjoy it!

I have e-mailed a couple of airlines and many of them send Safety Cards and even modells!

Check out Airlines homepage´s and find a e-mail adress and just E-mail them and ask friendly and upright.

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RE: New To Safety Card Collection

Thu Mar 16, 2000 9:23 am

Thanks, Lauda! I look forward to reading the letter!

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RE: New To Safety Card Collection

Thu Mar 16, 2000 9:49 am

Hi! It's really nice to see more people starting to collect safety cards. I have collected for about 9 months, and about 95% of my cards have come from writing to airlines themselves. Here is a list of good airlines that have sent me stuff.

Air Creebec
Air Malta
Air Moldova International
Air New Zealand
American Airlines
Czech Airlines
Finnair - A MUST
Japan Air System
Lauda Air
LOT Polish
Middle East Airways
Northwest Airlines - It might take a few tries
Pan Am (the third one)
Royal Wings
Southwest Airlines
US Airways Express (Piedmont Airlines)
Vietnam Airlines
World Airways

This is just a list of airlines that have sent me safety cards. Here is a list of airlines that probably won't send you stuff unless you suck up to them REALLY GOOD!!!

United Airlines
Delta Air Lines
British Airways
US Airways
Air Canada

There are many more. These are the ones that I can think of right now though.

There was a good previous post about advice. I have attached a link to it:

Another good way to get safety cards is to go to eBay and type in "safety card" or "safety cards" and search for it.

If you have any questions about this, don't hesitate to contact me about it.

Congratulations on starting your collection!

Best Regards,
Jeff Merski (my safety cards club) (my safety card site)

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