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What Is Your Rares Or Oddest Safetycard?

Mon Mar 27, 2000 12:19 pm

my oddest one is a canadian forces dash-5
my rarest is a quebecair dc-8
i also have a air canada l1011-500
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RE: What Is Your Rares Or Oddest Safetycard?

Mon Mar 27, 2000 12:48 pm

My oldest one is a Continental B737-100 from 6/87 in the meat ball colors.

My rarest one is either that one or my Reno Air MD-80, or my west pac, 737.
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RE: What Is Your Rares Or Oddest Safetycard?

Mon Mar 27, 2000 1:08 pm

My oldest one is my Delta DC-8 and CO 737-100 from 1987. My coolest one would have to be the Air France concorde. Rarest in my collection would be the CO A300 from 1993.

Royal Air Force

Mon Mar 27, 2000 1:54 pm

RAF TriStar L-1011 C

This would have to be the rarest. I also did have one of each of the RAF VC-10 and another TriStar. And I am looking at trading the one I still do have left for airline postcards, so if ya are interested, email me with what you would offer for it.

TWA L-1011

Mon Mar 27, 2000 9:28 pm

I´ve got a TWA L-1011 old colors domestic version safety card from the last revenue flight operating for TWA. It´s signed by the entire crew and is by far the highlight of my collction. Some other rarities include an old USAir, in Allegheny colors MD-80. I think it´s from 1983. I´ve got an old colors GB Airways, (British Airways,) card of a 737-200. Also I´ve got a very rare Iberia 747 Combi card, only one aircraft in service.
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RE: Rarest Card

Mon Mar 27, 2000 10:22 pm

I have over 1500 different cards in my collection (plus about 200 doubles). I'd have to say my oldest, by printed calendar date on the card is: PSA B737 from 6-21-68. I have some others from 1970-72 such as American B747 and DC-10, Delta DC-8, TWA B747 (1/70.... first edition), TWA B707, United B747 (another first edition) and DC-10 (first edition) etc.

Rarest.... Dong Ah Construction Co. J-31 probably tops that, along with a version of Air Florida card I have. My Kazair West Mi-8 (helicopter) card probably deserves mention as rare.

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RE: What Is Your Rares Or Oddest Safetycard?

Tue Mar 28, 2000 4:55 am

I have an Air Maldives Airbus A300 (note, not A310!) safety card - fairly rare I'd say!

I also have LAM 767, TAAG 747.

In fact, take a look at my website for some pics of my cards:

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RE: What Is Your Rares Or Oddest Safetycard?

Wed Mar 29, 2000 10:53 am

My rarest would have to be AF Concorde.

My oldest is a Greenlandair Dash-7 from late '70's or early '80's.

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RE: What Is Your Rares Or Oddest Safetycard?

Mon Apr 03, 2000 1:19 am

My rarest is a Dc-3 card from Australia, and my oldest is a NWA 727 card...

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