Looking For Wardair Canada Models

Thu Mar 30, 2000 2:19 am

Does anyone except me remember Wardair Canada? My first flight on a Jumbo Jet was on one of their planes, and my first two holidays. So I am a bit nostalgic and apart from staring at the few pictures here on I am also looking for models. I only ever found two Schabak 1:600 A310s, but what I would really love is something bigger. 1:250 ....

So, does anyone know where to find such rarities? I have found something on the internet once, stating that there were A310 models (1:250) in the MACH3 shop at Heathrow Airport, but I cannot find the page any more and when I was there they didn't have any.
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RE: Looking For Wardair Canada Models

Thu Mar 30, 2000 1:42 pm

Dragon Wings has just released a Wardair 747 in their 1/400 series. I've seen it and it looks beautiful! Aviation World ( located near Toronto's Pearson Airport usually has some of the "Wooster" type snap together models with display stand(like the one you describe). If you build model kits of airliners(1/144 or 1/200) decals are made by Airline Hobby Supplies. ( Avalable in both scales are A300, A310, DC-10 and 747.

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