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!help - FS98 Problems - Please Help!

Fri Apr 14, 2000 4:38 am

I have got FS98 and since I have got access to the net, I regulary download some new aircraft. For a little part of these, there occur no problems but for a lot of them there are, I can not convert them. This is what happens.
I download the aircraft - I open the Zip file and extract all the files to a temporary map - I open FS98 converter and click on aircraft - I open the map where the aircraft is in and apart from some maps with sound-panel-model there is a sort of paper with next to it eg 345ac102.Air
I click on 345ac102.Air
The computers gives me the message:
Conversion completed - 1 file had errors
when I click on details I read:
Converting aircraft 345ac102.Air
Version 6.00 model in bad format-conversion halted.

I have had this happen with most of the best aircraft. What do I have to do to get these aircraft in my sim?
I you know, please let me know because I really do not know what to do anymore.
Thank you very much!

RE: !help - FS98 Problems - Please Help!

Fri Apr 14, 2000 8:01 am

This happened to me too. It only had the error with FS95 planes and not FSFS or FS5.1 planes. The .air file for FS95 planes is weird and wont work with FS98.
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RE: !help - FS98 Problems - Please Help!

Fri Apr 14, 2000 5:23 pm

You're using the FS5.x to FS98 converter. It can't handle FS95 planes, the ones giving you an error message. Most planes on the net have a .txt (or so) file with the Zip file. Read it, and find out which version it is.

Good luck!
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Thanks Ual1636 And Danny

Fri Apr 14, 2000 9:44 pm

Thank you Ual1636 and Danny, I think I might have solved the problem as I didn't know that you need to create a map under the FS98/Aircraft section for most aircraft. Most of the planes work now
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RE: !help - FS98 Problems - Please Help!

Fri Apr 14, 2000 10:01 pm

Try clicking the use file or create file option at the bottom of the screen. This usually helps I found out.
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RE: !help - FS98 Problems - Please Help!

Thu Apr 27, 2000 4:22 am

Some aircraft designers convert their planes BEFORE they ZIP it. You can easily tell if the by what the *.zip file contains. If it contains ONLY the *.air file and some readme's then check the version. If the *.zip contains multiple folders such as panel and sound etc. the it is pre-converted. All you have to do is move ALL contents to a folder in the fs98/aircraft directory. Hope this helps.
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