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Please Help With This Radio Frqequency!

Fri Apr 21, 2000 9:08 am

To all New Yorkers (or anyone who can help me):
There is a frequency for ZNY (New York Center) 132.175. Almost all the flights out of the NY area airports go to 132.6 (Huguenot) and then [up north] to 132.175. The frequencies I have from patriot.net/~jetset/artcc.html tell me they are Elk Mountain, but the only towns in the US (according to Maquest, Streets 98, and Streets Deluxe) are in Wyoming and North Carolina: nowhere near ZNY airspace. Does anyone know where this sector is and where the transmitter is? Or is it Cleaveland Center?

Also, does anyone know what the freqs are that ANA and JAL go to after 132.175?

Thank you to anyone who can help!

Christian Ford

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