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Forget The Airlines

Mon May 01, 2000 11:45 am

I agree with most "Offical Collectors". The Airlines absoultely will not send Safety Cards. Dont even bother to waste Stamps and Ink, or Time! They will send other things, but not the Safety Cards. They have been stampeded with thousands of Demanding letters and E-mails. Just dont ask them anymore.

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RE: Forget The Airlines

Mon May 01, 2000 7:06 pm

I totally disagree with you there. I only airline issued postcards and just about every airline that has sent me stuff has also sent safetycards. Including some unusual airlines, Air Kenya, Falkland Islands Government Air Service, Angel Airlines, Myanmar Airways International, Transmile Air, Sabah Air to name but a few.

It depends on the tone in which you ask them? and how often of course. I even had Southwest Airlines send me a copy of Nuts (the book) without even asking for it, by showing genuine interest and asking politely, and offering to pay for any postage, etc.

So keep on asking.
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RE: Forget The Airlines

Tue May 02, 2000 2:34 am

I agree with Brissie, asking airlines does work, not everytime though. I just started collecting last July. Right now I have 100 cards, and approximately 70% have come from the airlines. The rest I either took off the plane, or bought/traded. Asking the airlines is a good way to start off in my opinion.
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RE: Forget The Airlines

Tue May 02, 2000 7:26 am

I currently have 140 cards, and well over 90% of them have come from the airlines directly.

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RE: Forget The Airlines

Thu May 04, 2000 3:59 am

I disagree as well. Yes, airlines are getting many mails, but they enjoy the attention. If you write and say "send my safty cards," they are gonna say no. If you write expressing your general interest in their airline and aircraft they will send you as much as posible......even safty cards. So just ask in a nice a polite way, and you will most likely get it.

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