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The Airlines Are Great For Starters

Tue May 02, 2000 10:16 am

Hi, All
After some experience, the Airlines are a great idea after all, but I would prefer that everyone write once. I think this is greedy when someone gets Four packages from an Airline. I have since stopped writing, as I trade, but I would recommend the Airlines for starters. I got started by someone getting me a card. By the way, what was your very first Safety Card, and what got you into this hobby?

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RE: The Airlines Are Great For Starters

Tue May 02, 2000 1:26 pm

My first safety card was a Southwest 737. I got into the hobby because a lot of people here collected them. It seemed like an interesting hobby so I started. My friends think I'm an idiot for collecting this stuff. But they'll see how a good a hobby this is. When the cards get older, they'll be worth some money and then I can sell it to other collectors for like $30.

I guess you were talking about me when you said being greedy and getting four packages from an airline. Well, the guy insisted on sending me the cards so I accepted it. Would you pass up the offer?

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RE: The Airlines Are Great For Starters

Thu May 04, 2000 11:50 am

My first safety cardS was about a year ago when Finnair sent me a package of their fleet.

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