Rate FS2000!

Sat May 06, 2000 1:02 am

I recently installed FS2K on my computer again, this time on custom/full install, and was I ever impressed! If you don't have to access the CD, the game runs faster and with more detail! Although even with a Pentium II and a 16mb graphics accelerator, I only get 3 fpm, it's still a great sim! I have FS5, 99, and 2000, and of all of them FS2K is my favorite for the amount of realism there is!
The thunderstorms, dawns, clouds, cities, EVERYTHING looks and sounds real! Is there any better sim than FS2K? Id like you all to rate FS2000 on a scale of 1 to 20, and by the way, if any, what sim is better in your opinion. For me, only Propilot even comes close, you?

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RE: Rate FS2000!

Sat May 06, 2000 3:19 am

I bought the Fs 2000 PRO in HKG for $40 last year. I am still hapilly playing FS 98. I hate Fs 2000. It has spent most of it's time on loan to my friends at school. At least it makes someone happy  . That person is not me  I rate it 44/100. I purchased Flight Unlimited 3. Now that is the best game  

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RE: Rate FS2000!

Mon May 08, 2000 11:12 pm

I play it on my PIII 500 256sdram...IT´s works nicebut its a game....FLY! is a simulator!

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RE: Rate FS2000!

Tue May 09, 2000 12:19 am

I am trying to use FS2000 on a 400 MHZ Pentium II with 64 mb, 16 mg Voodoo Banshee. I can not keep it from locking up my computer. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Please email me or leave a post.

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RE: Rate FS2000!

Thu May 11, 2000 6:13 pm

Download the patch from Microsoft

And try cacheman!

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RE: Rate FS2000!

Sat May 13, 2000 10:11 am

I do FS2K on a 466celeron, 64mhz SDRAM, and am pretty satisfied, except I would prefer ATIS rather than AWOS. I also miss the airport and navigational aids info that was on FS98. I am ordering the Jeppesen Simcharts for eastern US. Can Airport 2000 Vol.I, run with FS2K? What's Airport2000,Vol.II like?

RE: Rate FS2000!

Sun May 14, 2000 9:44 pm

I have had fs2000 since Christmas.It is a truly great simulator. I run it on an Amd 500 128mb of ram 16mb Voodoo Banshee and it runs smooth but keeps crashing.I will try that patch and see if it helps. Airport 2000 will run on fs2000 and i am not sure what the new one will be like.
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RE: Rate FS2000!

Mon May 22, 2000 1:13 am

I have FS2000 and Airport 2000 Vol.2 I have a 366Mhz 64Ram processor. FS2000 is great and I enjoy the heck out of it. It slows up a bit when i fly in to one of the Airport 2000 locations, especially O'hare. The detail on the 7 airports is very cool. I find it more fun to taxi around and look at the building detail or wait at the end of a rwy and watch other planes land and take off. or take off directly behind one of the jets and try to follow it. Of the 8 new planes it gives you, I 've pretty much narrowed it down to the Airbus A320 and the King Air 350 for regular use. The others slow my machine down too much and aren't as responsive. The numbers on all the cockpit displays are too small. I enjoy the King Air mostly because the sound is so lifelike. I'm better off flying one of the FS2000 planes into Airport 2000 airports, it's smoother and I can toggle between views much easier. Unless you have a very fast not fly one of the Airport 2000 planes in to one of their airports. The detail really slows you down. Hope I'm making sense here!

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