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Painting Windows

Tue May 23, 2000 12:47 pm

I just got done making a 737 in Continential airlines colors and i dont like the way it looks because the window decals are just outlines of the window. I want to paint them in so they look like windows and not just grey outlined squares. What color should i use so that they look a decent color? Does anyone have any experience in this area? I am kinda thinking some shade of grey. Any help on this topic will be extremely helpful.

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RE: Painting Windows

Wed May 24, 2000 12:26 am

I used to do my windows one of two ways:

- If the windows are open in the plastic, paint the stripes or apply the strip decals. For decals you then cut out all of the windows with a sharp knife (very tedious). Then you fill the windows with MicroScale Krystal Klear, which is a white glue that dries clear as a window.

- For solid fuselage, I just used the window decals. These came with black "windows" and then you had the option of applying the gray or white frames over them. Sounds like that is what you are doing now.

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