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Schabak Model Airports?

Fri May 26, 2000 5:56 am

Does anybody know of 1/600 scale airport and terminal vendors in the US? I am specifically looking for a company that sells airport terminals to fit 1/600 Schabak airliners.

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RE: Schabak Model Airports?

Sun May 28, 2000 5:12 pm

I built my own full scale airport complete with 2 runways, and 8 terminals including a Cargo area for my ONE cargo plane   a Fed Ex A310  
I built it out of household idems. It isn't a complete replica...more of a "toy"
I go down there and "play" with it all the time  

RE: Schabak Model Airports?

Sat Jun 10, 2000 7:37 am

I built a replica of one of the Atlanta Delta concourses
using Foamboard. All you need is about 3 pieces of foamboard, elmers glue and some markers to color the
white foamboard. Get Black foamboard for the roof,
white for the concourses and jetways. This seems to
work for the 1/600 schabak models. I have about 30
Delta schabaks along with 15 international carriers.
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RE: Schabak Model Airports?

Sun Jun 18, 2000 11:50 am

a sure bet. I use the herpa 1/500 model airport it works excellent the scale seems perfect compare it with real airport and plane sizes..I have a complete airport using herpa 1/500 blgds on a 9x4 sheet of formica..I have 51 gates many different 1/600 planes..a cargo terminal using n scale railroad freight bldg i have room for 7 cargo planes..i have a maint hangar ho scale fits many planes. taxi ways for railroad great I have pix of my airport if you want one let me know at

RE: Schabak Model Airports?

Tue Jun 20, 2000 1:42 pm

I too built my own airport. Its my own airport design. They are very easy to make. You need a large piece of sturdy lumber, spray paint, and paper grass. The paper grass is the kind you would use for train models and stuff. You put masking tape down on the areas where you want the grass to be. Then you spray paint it black or gray. Then you lift up the tape and paste the grass down. Im still working on the terminals so please email me at with info on how to build easy terminals. Thanks!

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