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Anyone Know Of These Safety Cards?

Sat Jun 24, 2000 1:13 pm

Does anyone know of anywhere with pictures of the following safety cards. I'd also be interested in knowing anyone who has any of these cards. I'd just like to know that the cards are out there and I know what I'm looking for.

Ansett Australia
BAe 146 Any date
Fokker F28 Any date
Any aircraft Pre 1995

Ansett Express
Any Aircraft Any date

Ansett WA
Any aircraft Any date

Australian Airlines
Airbus A300 Any date
Boeing 727 Any date
Boeing 737 Any date

Trans Australian Airlines
Any aircraft Any date

Airbus A300 Any date
Any aircraft Pre 1995

Those are the ones I am really looking for, but I am also looking for any other Australian safety cards.

Thanks in advance

- Macair SAAB

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Sun Jun 25, 2000 2:28 am

I am sorry Andrew but I am not aware of anyone I know having any of the cards you list in your post. Although I do believe most if not all exist. Sorry not to be of much help. Good luck in your search.

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RE: Reply

Sun Jun 25, 2000 6:57 am

All exist. I have almost all of them in my personal collection.

Jason Seiple
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RE: Reply

Sun Jun 25, 2000 11:50 am

I have Qantas A300 no date only number AB3M11-104-12-1
That card was taken for my by flight attendant from the last flight of that aircraft in Qantas c/s
Its a big plastick one sheet card

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