Free Stuff From Airlines

Thu Jul 06, 2000 4:31 am

What stuff can you get by just writing to an Airline. I also could use some of there e-mail addresses if you have them.

Thank You

RE: Free Stuff From Airlines

Thu Jul 06, 2000 4:44 am

Not much.. probaly timetables, and postcards. ALL major airliners have their own licensed merchandise shops where you can BUY model planes, clothing, bags, cards, luggage tags and lots of other items with hte companys logo. I know Northwest, American, USAirways have a shop online. You most likely will NOT get anything from major airliners in the US and Canada.. you'll have better lucky with smaller international carriers. The email addresses can be found on all their sites.. look for a 'contact us' link..

If you REALLY want something from a particular airline, BUY it and don't be cheap by trying to go after free stuff.


RE: Free Stuff From Airlines

Thu Jul 06, 2000 5:39 am

It's a little late. Every US Airline today will not send ANYTHING. You're best try is trading or buying from different collectors.

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RE: Free Stuff From Airlines

Thu Jul 06, 2000 9:35 am

Sun Country sent me a package with all sorts of goodies, so did...TWA, NWA, UAL (just postcards, timetable, and inflight mag), AWA, ATA, Frontier, PanAm, Proair, and probably a few others. Don't count on safety cards though.
Jason Seiple
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RE: Free Stuff From Airlines

Thu Jul 06, 2000 10:31 am

I benefitted from writing to these airlines over a year ago (some almost two years ago) when they didn't get 200 requests a day.
Sun Country, TWA, United, America West, ATA, Frontier, Pan Am, and ProAir (out of those you listed) all sent me at least one safety card. All but Pan Am and ProAir sent more than one safety card (United sent 5, TWA sent 4, ATA sent 6).

Jason Seiple

RE: Free Stuff From Airlines

Fri Jul 07, 2000 1:39 am

If you would not mind e-mailing me some of those airlines e-mail's I would really like to have some if you would not mind.

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