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Look What Continentel Mail To Me!

Sun Jul 23, 2000 4:27 am

Look here is a original copy of the mail which sends me Continental at the 22.7.00 at 20.39.:

Dear Mr. Wauer:

Thank you for your email. I am plesed that you are interested in Continental

I regret that we do have safety cards to mail out. However, I know that the
next time you are on a flight you can pick one up from the back of your


Customer Care Manager
1600 Smith Street, HQSCR
Houston, TX 77002

Look now we can take Safety Cards out of the plan with a permissaion!!!!!  

(I know that we all wood make that without a permission too!   )


RE: Look What Continentel Mail To Me!

Sun Jul 23, 2000 7:34 am

  WOW, I get Cards from Continental ALL THE TIME, In Fact, I just got some Updates of the 777, 4/00, with the Business Class Seats and the Recliners, I also got a 12/99 DC-10, I got all the most recent updates just by Contacting their Customer Care DEPT.
Why not try E-Mailing them again, IF you write Snail Mail, they do not reply anymore, THAT SUCKS
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RE: Look What Continentel Mail To Me!

Thu Jul 27, 2000 5:31 am

I got a letter today from Continental stating that they would send me a few safety cards and an in-flight magazine when the manager could gather this.


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