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Here is my latest trade list (as of 17 August 2000)
Cards with a * are special cards for another special card or several common cards.
Please send along your trade list if you are
interested in any cards.

-Air Inter Europe A320 (207153g)
-Air Malta B737-200 (blue)
-America West A320 (7/98)
-America West B737 (7/98)
-American B757 (photos; EB-250; tan top)
-American Super 80 (7/99; newest photo style)
-Brit Air ATR-42
-Canadian B737 (9/95; old colours)
-Canadian B767 (12/98; new colours)
-CityBird MD-11 (1997; 97135)
-Condor B767 (CFG 300021b-95)
-Condor B767 (CFG 300 021b-97)
-Condor DC-10-30 (CFG 077d-93)
-Condor DC-10-30 (CFG 300 023c-97)
-Continental B737-300/500 (10/99)
-Continental B737-500 (5/94)
-Continental B777 (8/98)
-Continental MD-80 (6/98)
-Continental Exit Row Seating Criteria (10/97; FS923)
-Corsair B747-300
-Crossair Avro RJ
-Crossair MD-82/83
-Crossair Saab 2000 (LX 11-30S2000)
-Delta B727 (11-95)
-Delta B757 (10-97)
-Delta MD-88 (11-95)
-Estonian B737-500
-EVA Air B747-400 Combi
-Flightline BAe-146
-KLM Cityhopper F-50 (ZD 194)
-KLM Cityhopper F-70 (ZD 196)
-Lufthansa A340-200/300 (2/97)
-Luxair Fokker 50
-Monarch B757 (Issue 2)
-Northwest A320 (6/91)
-Novair B737-800
-Olympic Airways B737-400
-QANTAS B767-338 (Brown Top; QB53649-1)
-Royal Air Maroc B737-400
-Royal Air Maroc B747
-Sabena A321 (larger new style)
-Sabena B737-200/300/400/500
-SkyJet DC-10
-Southwest B737 (8/93)
-Southwest B737 (8/98)
-Tunisair A320
-United A320 (2/99; CA377)
-United B727-200 (12/98; CA367)
-United B737 (2/92; CA344)
-United B737 (5/1/98; CA344)
-United B737 Overwater (4/92; CA372)
-United B747-400 (4/99; CA390)
-USAir B737-200/300 w/ exit row info (9-92/12-92; C/C 190-0350)
-USAir B737-400 (8/93; C/C 190-7374)
-USAir F-100 w/ exit row info (9-92/12-92; C/C 190-0345)
-Vanguard B737-200 (6/99)
-Virgin Express B737

Jason Seiple

Note: All trades done via first class/airmail.

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