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777 UA

Wed Aug 23, 2000 9:05 am

I wil be flying a 777 from ORD-DEN, can anyone tell me about the accomidations in coach? Will there be a moving map, with gps? And will we be able to listen to ATC?
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RE: 777 UA

Thu Aug 24, 2000 3:13 am

Hi Brett,

I traveled on a UA 777 3 years ago; if I´m not mistaken, you´ll have a screen in the back of the seat in front of you which sometimes shows you the position of the aircraft.
On my flight, there was a movie nearly all the time, and in coach you can´t select the channel you´d like to see :-(
Don´t know about ATC.
I´m interested in your Beech 1900 safety card, I`ll drop you an eMail shortly.

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RE: 777 UA

Tue Aug 29, 2000 2:43 am


I flew from ORD to LHR last year. Liked it so much I had to select the name. Anyway, ATC should be on Channel 9. I believe this to be a standard practice with United. As far as domestic flights I am not sure, but there are PTV behind every seat. You should be able to change your channels at will. Yes, there was a moving map, but it was an international flight.

Regardless, you'll love the airplane.
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RE: 777 UA

Thu Aug 31, 2000 10:52 am

Last year, I flew on a UA 772 from DEN to SFO. Yes, there were PTVs with a moving map. Additionally, there was channel 9 ATC. That's the greatest thing about United! If it wasn't for that, I would've dropped them long ago!
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RE: 777 UA

Sun Sep 10, 2000 10:39 am

If you are on a two class 777, no PTV's! :-(
But, if you are on a three class one!    PTV's   
The international 777s, seemed like they have enogh leg room. My dad who is 6' tall, had no problem in one.
ATC-channel 9
Any other questions, don't hesitate to e-mail me at

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