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Interested In Airliner Art/illustration?

Mon Sep 11, 2000 4:57 pm

I´m just curious if there are a lot of you interested in airliner graphic arts (not warbirds). I think its a undervalued and underrepresented side of our hobby.

Currently I´m working on a book project (about airline colour schemes past and present, not just a photographic record like so many) focussed on fine 3 view-drawings (better than anything you´ve seen on the market) to make the schemes better comparable.
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RE: Interested In Airliner Art/illustration?

Thu Sep 14, 2000 1:37 am

On my website, you may find several profile drawings detailing all types of aircraft color schemes, including airliners. This may be of some interest ?

Kind regards,

Guido Van Roy
The Aviation Buffs Website


NA: RE: Interested In Airliner Art/illustration?

Mon Sep 25, 2000 3:10 am


I certainly think it is a great idea. Some people, unlike me, are actually very good at precision drawing! Please tell me more about your project!
I will be glad to participate/help/support you and will be one of your first clients, provided you include some LOT Polish Airlines aircraft!  

Take care and good luck,
Thomas Szymanski

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