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Aircrafts Seen At BRU

Fri Sep 22, 2000 12:55 am

Hi everybody!
I was a kind of spotter at BRU and I never find any website what list all aircrafts seen there, so I decided to make one with every info I found.
I'm not a great webmaster because i'm still learning by myself HTML and my list is far to be complete but I already have around 1000 diferent aircrafts seen.
My list is not finished and they are still some mistakes or incomplete things but it's already aivailable at http://www.geocities.com/bizjet_1030.
I hope to complete it before October.
All informations about aircrafts not listed in it and seen at BRU are welcome and I hope to receive a lots of e-mail to complete it monthly.
If you saw an aircraft not listed, e-mail me at: juliengm@hotmail.com

Regards, Julien.M

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