A Good GPS For FS98 ?

Sun Oct 01, 2000 4:21 am


can anybody please give me a Link to a site where I can download a good working GPS for FS98 for free please ?
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RE: A Good GPS For FS98 ?

Mon Oct 02, 2000 11:02 am

The best GPS I personally have found for FS98 in called FSNavigator 3.0. It is more of a flight tracking program than a GPS but it does the exact same thing. The thing I like about it is that it allows you to print the plan, get specs on different aircraft, and it has a map of the world to show you where you plane is opposed to other GPS's on the market that you have to enter co-ordinates. It is available at Go to the "Search File Library" link and type in fsnav. This will list the program itself as well as addon's for it such as more aircraft and pre-planned plans which you can enter it into the database. You can also download and upgrade that allows you to run the program in FS2000. The greatest thing about the program is that it uses the simulators airport data so the 2 programs don't contradict each other and it provides a lower download time. Hope this helps. Keep me updated on your progress by leaving a reply here. Good Luck!

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RE: A Good GPS For FS98 ?

Mon Oct 02, 2000 3:21 pm

yes FSNav is the best
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RE: A Good GPS For FS98 ?

Thu Oct 05, 2000 12:15 am

Hi All

FSnav was great when I was using FS98. I didnt know about the patch for FS2000 but now that I know, I dont think I'll be using FS2000's GPS much anymore  

The other really good one for Fs98 though is GPS98 V3 by David Droun (I think thats how you spell his name). Its not free though, I think its around US$20 or something like that



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