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Tutoring In FS2000 Or 98

Mon Oct 30, 2000 3:14 pm


I am a aviation fanatic, but a relative newcomer to flight sims. I have Flight Sim 98, and am planning on getting FS2000 soon. But I just can't fly it correctly.All I want to do is get a twin engine (jet or prop) up in the air and land it at an airport at least 1000 miles away ( that way I have to genage AP). Is there places to get 1 on 1 help or tutoring for such needs? Are there places online thet help newbies get the grip of things? Please let me know!!
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RE: Tutoring In FS2000 Or 98

Tue Oct 31, 2000 3:54 am

Here's a link to one of the best sites for FS tutorials I have found, it's called Steve's Flight School:

Take your time and go thru the lessons, one by one, and you'll be a pro in no time.

RE: Tutoring In FS2000 Or 98

Wed Nov 08, 2000 2:42 pm

To learn to navigate using VOR's and NDB's, really is very simple(took me 6 months to figure out) and i found the perfect tool,a really cool program called FSNavigator v3, you can download it from and its FREE unlike v4 which just came out....give it a shot If u dont like it you can get Nav 1.8 from site) as well as other aids such as GPS and such. You WILL need an addon program anyway, i have no idea how microsoft thought people were gonna fly anywhere when they realesd this game so you might as well get one, its up to you, FSNavigator is much much better however.

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