UAL Pilots Uniforms 4-Sale

Wed Nov 01, 2000 4:30 am

I have two complete United Airlines Pilot Uniforms!

Dark Blue 1949-1978- Captains Cap, epaulets, cap badge, wings for jacket, wings for the shirt, vest, jacket, pants, 2 shirts (summer, and winter shirt w\ embroidered UAL wings on them) 2 ties, and a flight case! I am asking $200 for this rare complete uniform!

1979-1984 Taupe Captains Uniform!

Brand new never used Captains cap (size 7), jacket, pants, 2 shirts, vest, ties, and epaulets. I am asking $125 for this uniform!

Both Uniforms are in great condition if you are interested or you need a photos drop me a line!


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