Russian Aircraft Models

Sat Nov 04, 2000 8:31 am


I am very interested in Russian airplane models. I, however, have never seen a Russian aircraft built by the plastic snap together model producers, such as Wooster. I really think that Wooster (or any other company like Wooster) should produce a Russian passenger liner. I have once seen a Russian cargo plane made by one of these companies but I am not sure which one. Can anyone help me?



RE: Russian Aircraft Models

Sun Nov 05, 2000 4:11 am

Wooster did indeed make a model of the Volga-Dnepr Antonov An-124.

Other aircraft are near on impossible, unless you want those blasted miniature, diecast jobs.

For Russian aircraft models, try Alex Panchenko's site


RE: Russian Aircraft Models

Sun Nov 05, 2000 6:53 am

Very nice site Brissie_Lions. Most of the aircraft models looked like prototypes.


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