Best Flight With FS2000?

Mon Nov 06, 2000 3:51 am

I just got back from finishing a flight from Calgary-Vancouver, Canada. I flew an Air Montana DC-3 through the rockies in a western heading. The scenery was breath taking! It snowed on and off and the mountains were beautiful!

What was one of your best flights?

RE: Best Flight With FS2000?

Wed Nov 08, 2000 8:48 am


Come on, I'm sure you guys have had very beautiful flights with FS2000, share them!    

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RE: Best Flight With FS2000?

Wed Nov 08, 2000 12:38 pm

Ive got it but cant run it on my current PC (500MHZ PIII)

But im getting a new PC soon 300+Mb Ram. Latest Matrox video card or maybe a Geforce2 and a P4 CPU when they are available.
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RE: Best Flight With FS2000?

Thu Nov 09, 2000 1:37 am

Hi all

One of my best recently was from Madeira.

Nothing really exciting but the scenery add on from is great and nice flying at sunset, round the island and practice your landings.

If you have more time, set your flight to arrive at Faro, I think about an hours flying, over water to the Portugese coast.

Gary Watt
Aberdeen, Scotland

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