Old Timetables

Wed Nov 08, 2000 9:42 am


I've got some rather old timetables I'd like to trade, but only for safety cards. Here they are :

- Pan American Airways System (Havana; Nassau; Mexico; Panama; West Indies; Central and South America + Alaska and China) May 1, 1934
- French Ministry Régie Air Afrique Summer 1936 (beautiful!)
- MISR Airlines (from Egypt) 9th september 1936
- Air France 17 oct 1955 Indicateur de Paris

- Air France Cartes Intinéraires Dunlop (Route Maps) Europe-Afrique du Nord Février 1955

If someone wants a scan of one or more of them, I'll send it by email or will put it on a webpage.

Here's my adress if you are interested:

Karim (from France)

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