I Need Some Help!

Sat Nov 11, 2000 1:59 am

I am thinking of buying a handheld portable CB. There might be another name for it but basically I want to pick up some airwaves like for example truckers use them to communicate to each other. Is it possible to pick up signals from aircrafts?And is it legal?

If so what is the best device to purchase?

Any comments appreciated

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RE: I Need Some Help!

Sat Nov 11, 2000 3:37 pm

Hi There

I believer are after a radio scanner, it can pick up many different frequencies including aircraft ones. I dont know what the laws are where you live but here in Australia its prefectly legal. They vary in cost from $250 for a basic one up to $700+ for a top of the range model. the two things that affect the cost the most is what frequency ranges you can pick up and how many memory channels it has.

Hope this helps



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