Airline Binders...Who Has One

Thu Nov 16, 2000 11:55 am

Hello Fellow Collectors., Are you Tired   of Sitting around All Day with nothing to do with your Aviation Stuff. Here is what I like to do...

This Topic is about Aviation Binders Regarding different Airlines. Who has made one of these before? I myself have put together a Binder Representing Valujet Airlines. IT has Magazines, Timetables, Safetycards, and other Memorabilia in Separate pages. It also has Articles representing The Crash of 592. It is very easy to make one. Just get a 1/2 inch or 1 inch Binder (depending on the popularity of the Airline of your choice) and Find All Memorabilia Representing them and put them in your binder. All Timetables, and Safetycards, and Magazines should go up front, and Pictures from should be in the binder also.   Any News Articles would be placed Further in the Back, All other Items such as 8" X 10" Photos should go in the Front Pocket. Then Make a Front Cover and Slip it into the plastic sheeting on the front of the Binder, and Voila, Your Very own Airline Memorabilia Binder. I have Mine For Valujet, COLite in the Forum has one made Representing Southeast Airlines and the Sunking Legend.


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