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Microsoft Air Traffic Control Simulator

Sun Dec 03, 2000 9:10 am

Now that microsoft has achived itself as king of the skies in terms of flight simulators. I would love to see if Microsoft ever will come out with an ATC simulaotr. One where you have to handle the real airlines, real aircraft. Where you have to handle inflight emergencies, etc. I dont know but i think it would be interesting, to trade in the wings, for a console, for a little while anywayz.
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RE: Microsoft Air Traffic Control Simulator

Sun Dec 03, 2000 12:59 pm

Have you ever heard of SATCO? The Simulated Air Traffic Control Organization (http://www.satco.org) provides a service where you are controlling real FS aircraft... its kinda fun...

RE: Microsoft Air Traffic Control Simulator

Mon Dec 04, 2000 7:02 am

It isn't likely that MS will produce an ATC sim, in part because of the freeware support like SATCO, but also because the ATC sim market is so very small. MS looks only for the largest markets for their products, and that leaves the ATC world to smaller producers like Xavius and Aerosoft. With its resources, MS could really do some fantastic stuff, but it wouldn't be worth their while, profit-wise.

If you're looking for some ATC sims, there are a number of interesting (and including some free ones). Check the list at SOCAL Approach:


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