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Bring Along! Greta Idea!

Tue Dec 05, 2000 10:51 pm

G'Day all

Well, many forum-users here collect safety cards, others collect inflight-magazines or Airsickness-bags.

So.. why don't make a "pre-flight" swap?? For example a safetycard collector will fly from JFK to ORD, this person obviously is able to provide collectors with Airsickness-bags, cause he doesn't collect those bags.

Or a frequent flying non-collector can bring along some of these items from his flights. We will pay him postage and shipping (maybe a little bit more) and he will send the safetycards or Airsickness-bags to the collectors.

Is this just a stupid idea or...........??


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RE: Bring Along! Greta Idea!

Wed Dec 06, 2000 4:58 am

I think it would be a hard sell to a non-aviation enthusiast and/or an non collector.
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