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A340-600 Drawings

Sat Dec 16, 2000 11:30 pm

Please help me and give me a link where I can find 3-D drawings of the Airbus A340-600. It is very important for me because I'm building a model of it!

RE: A340-600 Drawings

Sun Dec 17, 2000 2:07 am

Contact Airbus.

RE: A340-600 Drawings

Mon Dec 18, 2000 4:37 pm

At they have virtual tours of most of their aircraft. Using Quicktime, you can move the aircraft around to get a view from any angel. Unfortunetly, they only have the A340-300. I could not find the -600 virtual tour.

Btw, to get to this tour (I can't provide the URL because it's a frames page), from the homepage, on the bottom menu bar, it says "multimedia Library". Click on that, and on the middle-right menu that comes up, it says "VIRTUAL. The latest Airbus Industrie QuickTime™ VR." Select the A340 from the drop-down menu.

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