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FS2000 Help

Tue Dec 19, 2000 9:18 am

I have never had a PC flight sim before so I wanted to turn to all of you for help. If I were to get Flight sim 2000, is it a good all encompassing game? What I aim for in the game is lots of palnes and jets to fly and graphics. Please leave me any info possible.

thanks, Mario
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RE: FS2000 Help

Tue Dec 19, 2000 11:03 am

FS2000 is great if you have a fast computer....if your cpu is less than 500mhz, dont even consider it. FS98 is not bad either, when you instal all the little improvments that some people have made(water & cloud textures..etc). There are thousands of aircraft, scenerys and sounds available for either one at www.flightsim.com. Also you will need a quality 3d video card, I recomend the Voodoo 3 2000 or 3000, which you can get for about $50-$70 at ebay. If you need any other info, let me know.
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RE: FS2000 Help

Tue Dec 19, 2000 10:17 pm

Hi There

As Furure_Pilot was saying you do need a powerful computer to run FS2000. A P3 450 minimum. Celerons are nice but they dont have the processing speed to keep up with a program as advanced as FS2000, even the latest celerons. You will need a minimum of 128Mb of RAM as well and a good 3dfx card, Voodoo 3, Geeforce, TNT 2, any of those will be more than sufficient for FS2000.

Ok, I've covered the PC side of things, now the updates that are available. FS2000 is pretty much limitless when it comes to addons available through and other various web sites. People out there are striving to make flight simulation as realistic as possible. The downside to all these addons is the more you download, the more hard drive space you need and the more RAM you need to deal with all the extras.

To give you an idea what your looking at, Im running a P3 667 with 64Mb of RAM, 16Mb Riva TNT graphics card. FS2000 uses at the most just under 1Gb of hdd when installed, my version is currently sitting at 2.61Gb. With this setup FS2000 runs smoothly but it starts to run into problems when processing detailed scenery. The program will stop for 30 seconds and re-buffer all the scenery. This will happen every 10-20 minutes or so and can become quite annoying because more often than not it will occur just as Im about to land somewhere and will result in a rough landing just about every time  

Hope this helps


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RE: FS2000 Help

Wed Dec 20, 2000 10:37 am

I'm running it on a 466 celeron, but with only 64 meg RAM, and there are times when it "hangs" for several seconds. I'm going to upgrade to 128 meg RAM to see if it helps.
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RE: FS2000 Help

Mon Dec 25, 2000 12:55 am

Before you buy anything you should perhaps just look at X-Plane. Read the reviews. I know someone who has both. He swears by X-Plane.

Go to http://www.x-plane.com
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RE: FS2000 Help

Mon Dec 25, 2000 12:59 am

I forgot to mention, if you don't procrastinate, you can get X-Plane at cost (around $40), which is half the price it used to be.
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