For Trade/sale - Safetycards, Timetables, Etc

Sun Jan 14, 2001 9:34 am

I currently have the following for either sale or trade. I ONLY collect Airline Issued postcards, and some publisher cards (only if they are Russian aircraft). Email me on if interested.




Aer Lingus 737-400
Aer Lingus 737-500
Aer Lingus A330-200
Air Atlanta Icelandic 737 (no logo)
Air Atlanta Icelandic 737 (with logo)
Air Atlanta Icelandic 747-100/200
Air Atlanta Icelandic L-1011
Air Belgium 737-400
Air Belgium A320
Air Cairo Tu-204-120
Air Europe 767
Air Europe 777-200ER
Air Europe A320-200
Air Littoral ATR-42 (2 different types)
Air Littoral Canadair RJ
Air Littoral Fokker 100
Air Malta 737-300 (2 different types)
Air Malta 737-400
Air Malta A320
Air Moldova International Yak-40
Air Moldova Itnernational An-24RV
Air Transport Europe Tu-134
Airtours 757
Airtran DC-9-30
American Airlines 727
American Airlines Fokker 100
Atlantic Airways Bae-146
Binter Canarias ATR72-201
British Airways 747-400 (Tartan – Issue 7)
Cargolux 747-400F
Caribbean Star Airlines Dash 8-100
Champion Air 727
Cirrus Airlines Dash8/100
Citybird MD-11
Corsair 747-200
Corsair 747-300
Cyprus Airways A310
Cyprus Airways A320
Estonian Air 737-500
Estonian Air Fokker 50
Eurocypria Airlines A320
Finnair A321
Finnair ATR-72
Finnair DC-9
Finnair MD-11
Finnair MD-82/83
Finnair MD-87
Finnair Saab 340
Garuda A330-300
Germania 737-700
Hamburg International 737-700
Iberworld A310
Iberworld A320
Impulse Airlines 717-200
Intensive Air F28-4000 (doesn’t look like an original….but this is how the airline stock their aircraft)
International Flying Services F27
Lauda Air 737-800
Lloyd Aero Boliviano 727-200
Lloyd Aero Boliviano F27
LTU 757
LTU 767
LTU A320
LTU A330
Olympic Aviation 717-200
Olympic Aviation ATR42/72
Olympic Aviation Do-228-201
Premiair A300
Premiair A320
Premiair A330
Premiair A330-300
Premiair DC-10
Royal Air Force TriStar C Mk 2 (for sale – email best offer)
Royal Air Force VC-10 (for sale – email best offer)
Royal Brunei Airlines 767-33AER
SABENA 737-200/300/400/500
SAS 737-600/700
SAS Commuter Dash 8Q400
SAS Commuter Fokker 50
SAS DC-9-21/41
Skyservice A320 (2 different types)
Skyservice A330-322
Skywest Airlines EMB-120 (no airline logo)
Sobelair 737-200
Sobelair 767 – OOSTF
Transaer A300
TWA MD-80 (2 different styles)
Tyrolean Canadair RJ
Tyrolean Dash 8-100
Tyrolean Dash 8-300
Tyrolean Fokker 70
US Airways 737-400 EOW
US Airways 757
US Airways Express Dash 8 (Piedmont Airlines)
Vanair Dash-8
Virgin Sun A320
Virgun Sun A321
Volare Airlines A320-200


Adria Airways - Adria (Summer 2000)
Aeroflot (11/99)
Air Anatolia (June 2000)
Air Aruba – Kwihi (Spring 2000)
Air Atlanta Icelandic (2000)
Air New Zealand – Pacific Wave (Sept 2000) (SPECIAL OLYMPICS EDITION)
Ansett Australia – Panorama (Sept 2000) (SPECIAL OLYMPICS EDITION)
Druk Air – Tashi Delek (Jan/Feb 2000)
Druk Air – Tashi Delek (Mar/Apr 2000)
Ethiopian Airlines – Selamta (Jan/Mar 2000)
Ethiopian Airlines – Selamta (Oct/Dec 1999)
European Aviation - European Life (2000-01)
Frontier Airlines (Sep/Oct 2000)
Garuda Indonesia – Garuda (Oct/Nov/Dec 2000) (JAPANESE EDITION)
Hapag-Lloyd – Flug Journal (4/2000)
LTU (2/2000)
Ansett – Panorama (January 2000)
Maersk Air – Illustrated (Jan-Mar 2000)
Merpati Nusantara – Archipelago (Oct 2000)
Monarch Airlines - Altitude (Winter 2000)
Nationwide Air – Window (Jul/Aug 1999)
Nationwide Air – Window (Mar/Apr 2000)
Nationwide Air – Window (Nov/Dec 1999)
Nationwide Air – Window (Sep/Oct 99)
Olympic Aviation – Archipegalos
Pacific Southwest Airlines – PSA (Dec 1987) (For sale only)
Polynesian Airlines – Polynesia (Mar-May 2000)
QANTAS – The Australian Way (Jan 2000)
Royal Brunei Airlines – Muhibah (Mar/Apr 2000)
Sobelair (Dec 1999)
Southern Winds Airlines – Winds (Dec 1999)
Sun Country Airlines – Soleil (Winter 2000)
Sunstate Airlines – Queenslander (Aug/Sept 2000)
Vanguard Airlines – Zoom! (Vol 2 Number 5)
Westjet – Airlines (Oct 2000)


Hazelton Airlines - Eff 26/3/00
Bangkok Airways - 26/3/00-28/10/00
Pacific Southwest Airlines – Eff 17/2/1988
Kibris Turk Hava Yollari – 26/3/00-28/10/00
Air Caledonie – 1/4/00-31/10/00
Manx Airlines – 29/10/00-24/3/01
British Airways (Southern Africa) – Eff 1/11/00
Air Seychelles – 26/3/00-28/10/00
Transaero – 26/3/00-28/10/00
Ukraine International – 26/3/00-28/10/00
Aero California – Eff 31/10/99
Southern Winds – April 2000
Air Satellite – Eff 1/10/1996
Pacific Southwest Airlines – Eff 21/3/1984
Pacific Southwest Airlines – Eff 20/1/1988


Air Mandalay

I also have a heap of stickers, pins, badges, mini-flags, baggage labels, over 300 airline issued postcards, and heaps of publisher postcards for trade. Email me on these.

And More!

Mon Jan 15, 2001 11:23 pm

And add to the safetycard list:

Air Rarotonga Saab 340
Skywest Airlines Fokker 50 (Australia)
Southern Australia Airlines Dash 8
Southern Australia Airlines Cessna Titan
QANTAS 737-400 (Yellow)
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Keenly Interested! ;-)

Tue Jan 16, 2001 4:16 am

Hy Brissie,

I'm keenly interested in your cards!
Air Cairo
Air Eu. 134
Impulse 717

Drop me a line if you want to trade!

Here is my list
Aer Lingus B737-500
Aero Llyod A320
Aero Llyod Mc Donnell Douglas MD83
Air Atlanta Iceland B737
Air Atlanta Iceland B747-100/-200 Rev.1 ATL 102A (black logo)
Air Atlanta Iceland B747-100/-200 Rev.2 ATL 102C (black logo)
Air Atlanta Iceland L1011 Rev.1 ATL 103A (black logo)
Air Berlin B737-400 (new style)
Air Macau A320 A4
Air Macau A321 A4
Air Mauritius 767-200
Air New Zealand B767-300
Air New Zealand B747-200
Austrian Airlines Fokker 70 (8/97)
Austrian Airlines Airbus A330 (10/99)
Balair B757-200
Brit Air Canadaiar Regional Jet
City Bird 737-400
Condor B757-300 (CFG 3000250-99)
Condor B757-200 (old style)
Condor Berlin A320 (CFG 300190-98)
Corsair B747-200
Crossair Avro RJ
Crossair Saab 2000
Crossair Mc Donnell Douglas MD82/83
CSA A310
CSA B737-400
Deutsche BA 737-300 (issue 5)
Estonian B737-500
Fly FTI A320 (new logo) (Apr00)
F.I.G.A.S. Islander (Falkland Island Gov. Air Service) (special trade)
Garuda Indonesia B747-400
Hapag Lloyd B737-800 (old style)
Hapag Lloyd A310-300
Icelandair 757-200 (TF-FIK / old design)
JetBlue A320 Code 1509
Kras Air Tupolev TU154 (special trade)
Kras Air Ilyushin IL86 (special trade)
LTE 757
LTU A330 (small letters)
LTU B757-200 (large letters)
LTU B757-200 (grey letters)
LTU B767-300 (small black letters)
LTU B757 (big black letters)
LTUB767 ( big black letters)
Lufthansa A320-200 (1/99)
Lufthansa A321 (5/94)
Lfthansa B737-300/-500 (1/99)
Malaysia Airlines B747-400P
SAS Commuter F50
SAS Commuter Dash8Q-400
SATA Air Azores ATP
Singapore Airlines B747-400
Skyservice Canada A320 (blue card)
Sobelair B767 "OO-STF"
Sobelair 737-200 "SBQ-SBT"
Sobelair 737-300/-400 "SBZ-SBM"
Swissair A310 (IPH/I) ( 0295)
Swissair A319 (196)
Swissair A320 (295)
Swissair A321 (0195)
Swissair A330 (898)
Swissair A330 (1095)
Swissair MD-11 (1095)
Rheintalflug Dash 8/100
Rheintalflug Dash8/300
Transaer A320
Turkish Airlines A340-300
United Airlines B777-200 (10/98)
VASO Airlines IL 86
Varig Brasil MD-11 (new cls)
Virgin Express 737 (-300/-400)
Volare A320

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