Airband Radio To Foreign Country

Thu Feb 01, 2001 2:21 am


Can I bring a Airband Radio to foreign country? let's say from USA to Hong Kong?
Does Hong Kong prohibt the Airband radio?

Tommy Mogren
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RE: Airband Radio To Foreign Country

Tue Feb 06, 2001 4:44 pm


I don't know about Hong Kong, but make sure you check before you leave with your scanner.

In Sweden, there's no problem at all.
But I was arrested in Denmark for using one back in 1983...

/Tommy Mogren
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RE: Airband Radio To Foreign Country

Thu Feb 08, 2001 4:41 pm

I listen to my airband radio in Hong Kong all the time with no problems. I did get harassed by the heavily armed guards at Kai Tak once who told me it was illegal. I got into an arguement with them. Anyway, I put it away, and checked out the law. Listening into the airwaves appears to be legal. However, if your scanner has the capability of listening into the Piloce, I would be careful. Apparerently, a policeman was telling me that in small crime cases, you have to prove that you are innocent, and not them proving that you are guilty, so you would have to prove to the police that you weren't listening into the police channels. A difficult one, but overall, unlikely to happen. I wouldn't worry. Just bring it and be a bit discreet with it and you'll be fine.

RE: Airband Radio To Foreign Country

Fri Feb 09, 2001 7:59 am

Ok, thanks!
I think I would be think for a moment before I do it....

RE: Airband Radio To Foreign Country

Fri Feb 09, 2001 2:20 pm

While on the subject, does anyone know what the law is in Hawaii with scanners, ie can you bring them into Hawaii or not?? I'm coming to Hawaii in April from Australia.


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