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Luggage Tags Wanted!

Fri Feb 02, 2001 8:06 am

I collect luggage tags. Does anyone else just have some tags sitting on their luggage or does anyone collect them? I will be willing to pay cash if necessary. Any airline is accepted. Thanks a lot!

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RE: Luggage Tags Wanted!

Fri Feb 02, 2001 1:44 pm

Hi I have lots of tags, like United HEAVY, Delta HEAVY, Aeroflot, Crossair, Finnair, and a few Russia Airport tags.
If you are interested then email me at

I can sell them or trade for Safteys

Pershoyu Spravoyu Litaki!

RE: Luggage Tags Wanted!

Sat Feb 03, 2001 1:52 am

Hi ,

I've much , please e-mail me!
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RE: Luggage Tags Wanted!

Sat Feb 03, 2001 4:01 pm

I have a bunch of ELAL business and coach
and some CO first class from last flights...

best regards
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RE: Luggage Tags Wanted!

Sun Feb 04, 2001 6:24 am


I have only 3 tags, but I can get more as I live in Brazil and have a lot of friends who works on airports.

My 3 tags are:

American Airlines
Southwest ("Fly southwest - Just say When")

If you are interested contact me at

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