FFG And PFG Are Closing!

Fri Feb 02, 2001 11:45 pm

FFG (Freeware Flight Group) and PFG (Project Freeware Group) are closing because off some @$$holes Pissed
who have:

1. Painted aircraft without permission

2. Criticized their hard work

3. Hacked their website

This is a sad day for the flightsimming community, and those idiots who have caused this should be put in jail!
Hopely AFG (Allied Fs Group) will last.

Alexander Holst
Helsinki, Finland
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RE: FFG And PFG Are Closing!

Sat Feb 03, 2001 6:16 am


I hate people who do those kinds of things. PFG was great!

RE: FFG And PFG Are Closing!

Sat Feb 03, 2001 3:20 pm

What the HE*L is happening with these freeware groups? One minute they are doing well, the next they disappear. Hope AFG and IADG will last. This chain of events must stop!!!!!!!! (First FFG then PFG)
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RE: Alle

Sat Feb 03, 2001 4:00 pm

hey alexander
nice site

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