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Running Out Of Memory In FS2000

Tue Feb 06, 2001 4:22 pm

I was flying SFO-LHR with my PSS 747 on FS2000. About 3-4 hours into the flight, I got a message on my computer screen that says something like: "Your computer has run out of available memory. Flight Simulator is shutting down." Does anyone know why this happens and how I can fix it? By the way, this was the only program running at the time and I have a PIII 733mhz Dell with 256mb ram and Nvidia 32mb video card. So I didn't think memory should be a problem...any help is appreciated. Thanks!

RE: Running Out Of Memory In FS2000

Tue Feb 06, 2001 4:33 pm

Try shutting any unnecessary programs and use a program such as ram booster to free up memory before you start the game.

RE: Running Out Of Memory In FS2000

Tue Feb 06, 2001 10:59 pm

I picked up a new shareware program off of Cnet or zdnet called "Tweak-me". It seems to be able to redirect the useage of "high" memory so that your RAM is used first (which you obviously have plenty of).

Give it a whirl.

FP_v2 is correct about shutting off stuff running in the background. Lots of it is fluff and doesn't do anything for Flight Simming. Do you have any anti-crash software running...mine was causing lots of problems during flights.

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RE: Running Out Of Memory In FS2000

Wed Feb 07, 2001 3:45 am

One thing that I would also suggest is that when you are simming, please re-start the computer before you start playing.

At times, windows is not doing a good job releasing memory even though you have quit the program. For example, if you have been surfing the net using IE 5.0. Even though you quit the program, windows still save quiet a bit of information in RAM. Hence if you start the game right after surfing the net, there is 90% chance that FS2000 will either crash of be super slow.

This apply to all window program. So I suggest that you re-start your PC before running FS2000.

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