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FS2000 Scenery-need Help Please

Sun Feb 11, 2001 4:36 am


I always see screenshots of peoples flights, and I always see awesome scenery...airport scenery. Where does everyone get this great airport scenery? Its so awesome, it looks like your really at the airport. Flightsim.com doesn't have what im lookoing for, does anyone here know where all this great airport scenery comes from? They have great gates, terminals, static aircraft, It looks great. Please tell me where I can get scenery like this!!

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RE: FS2000 Scenery-need Help Please

Sun Feb 11, 2001 5:44 am

Sounds like Airport 2000 Vol 2 (and maybe Vol1 as well)

Its an add on yu can buy, but really you CAN find excellent add on scenery for some airports on Flightsim.com and other sites. Gary Summons' sceneries are all amazing.
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