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Flightsim Yoke

Thu Feb 15, 2001 10:30 am


What is a good flightsim yoke? I already know about that new CH yoke, but how good is that? Is there anything good thats not over like $150?? I have been using Microsoft's sidewinder forcefeedback pro forever, and am sick of it. I want something more realistic. Any advice??

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RE: Flightsim Yoke

Sat Feb 17, 2001 2:55 am

I use a CH Flight Sim Yoke USB. I have never seen anything better. If you're really after realism, I'll recommend you to buy it.

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RE: Flightsim Yoke

Sat Feb 17, 2001 6:43 am

747....not for under a bill and a half. Next jump up is the really cool one made from and actual SAAB wheel that's around $ 495.

CH does the job, though...just a little light to the touch.


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