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Upgrading Your Scanner

Sun Mar 18, 2001 2:35 pm

I obviously don't know much about my scanner otherwise I probably wouldn't ask such a question, but anyways is there anyway I can boost my scanner's range, like interchangeable attenna's and such?
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RE: Upgrading Your Scanner

Sun Mar 18, 2001 5:20 pm

Well, you can always buy a new antenna (one with the same BNC connector as the stock model), but there are no guarantees as to range improvement. The best you can probably do is try to find a VHF or VHF-Hi (thats the commercial aircraft band) antenna... that way the antenna is tuned specifically to the band you want, not all the others that the radio can receive.
If you want more information or suggestions on antennas, you should pop in to the forums at They'll be able to help you a whole lot.

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