Which FS Addon Should I Buy?

Sun Mar 18, 2001 7:36 pm

Which of these should i buy?

Aerosoft German Airports 2000
Justflight Real Airports
Wilco's Airport 2000 vol.3
Wilco's 767 PIC

And before you mention PSS products, i have both of them.

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RE: Which FS Addon Should I Buy?

Mon Mar 19, 2001 3:09 am

Well I don't know about the others but PIC is the best airliner for an Flightsimulator.
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RE: Which FS Addon Should I Buy?

Mon Mar 19, 2001 5:31 am


I have real airports for FS2000Pro, and I just ordered German Airports 2. And I also once had Wilco's Airport 2000 volume 2. Real airports is absolutely stunning. Its amazing. But look at their airport choices. They did awesome scenery, but on not very popular airports. Orly for instance, isnt very famous. And Instead of Cologne/bonn, they should have done Frankfurt, but the rest of the airports are good choices. Milan Malpensa they did an extremely good job with. Now, Airport2000 volume 2 was a joke. It was the worst scenery I have ever in my life seen for any FS. terrible textures, dont be decieved by the screenshots. I dont know about volume3, it might be better. There is a nice review by Peter james about German Airports 2 on on the main news section (front page).


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