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New Cards For Trade!

Mon Apr 09, 2001 7:27 pm


there is my newest and current safety card trade list!
Drop me a line (!!with your list!!) if you need a card at



Aer Lingus 737-500
Air Austral B737-300-500 (special trade)
Air Atlanta Iceland B737
Air Atlanta Iceland B737 no logo Rev.2
Air Atlanta Iceland B747-100/-200 Rev.1 ATL 102A (black logo)
Air Atlanta Iceland B747-100/-200 Rev.2 ATL 102C (black logo)
Air Atlanta Iceland B747-300 ( nologo / no titles)
Air Atlanta Iceland L1011 Rev.1 ATL 103A (black logo)
Air Berlin B737-400 (new style)
Air Inter Fokker 27
Air Macau A320 A4
Air Macau A321 A4
Air Mauritius ATR 42 (special trade)
Air Mauritius B767-200 (special trade)
Air Mauritius A340 (special trade)
Air Namibia B747SP (special trade)
Air New Zealand B767-300
Air New Zealand B747-200 (special trade)
Air Seychelles B767-200 new style
Air Seychelles B767-300 new style
Air Transat L1011
American Airlines 767-300 folder/small
Austrian Airlines A321
Atlant Soyuz Airways IL 86 (special trade)
Atlantic Airways BAe 146
Binter Canarias ATR72-201
Brit Air Canadaiar Regional Jet
Challeng Air DC-10 very rare
Condor B757-300 (CFG 3000250-99)
Condor B757-200 (old style)
Condor Berlin A320 (CFG 300190-98)
Condor Mc Donnell Douglas DC-10 (old style/folder)
Crossair Avro RJ
CSA B737-500
CSA B737-400
CSA A310-300
Deutsche BA 737-300 (issue 5)
Easy Jet 737-700 Issue 1 (10/2000)
Emirates B777 (96) (special trade)
Emirates A300-600R (special trade)
FlyFTI A320
Garuda Indonesia B747-400
Gulf AIr A320 ( 50 years edition) (special trade)
Hapag Lloyd B737-800 (old style)
Hapag Lloyd B737-800 (new style)
Iberia Regional operado por Air Nostrum ATR 72-500
Krasair Tu 154 (hard laminated) (special trade)
Krasair Tu 154 (normal laminated) (special trade)
Krasair IL 86 (normal laminated) (special trade)
LTU A330 (small letters)
LTU B757-200 (large letters)
LTU B757-200 (grey letters)
LTU B767-300 (small black letters)
LTU B757 (big black letters)
LOT 737-500
Lufthansa B737-300/-500 (1/99)
Malaysia Airlines B747-400P
Maledivian Air Taxi Dash-6 Twin Otter with Floats (special trade)
MEA Middle East Airlines A320 (LH style) (special trade)
MEA Middle East Airlines A310-200 (LH style) (special trade)
MEA Middle East Airlines A310-300 (LH style) (special trade)
Mexicana B727 (4-00) (special trade)
Monarch A320 Issue 4 red
Monarch A330 Issue 2 blue
OLympic Airways A340 (special trade)
Qatar AIrways A300 (new style)
Qatar AIrways A320 (new style)
Rheintalflug Dash 8/100
Rheintalflug Dash8/300
Royal Brunei B767-300 (SEP76/04/96)
Royal Jordanien A310-300 (A4 laminated)
Royal Jordanien A320 (A4 laminated)
SAS Commuter F50
Singapore Airlines B747-400
Skyservice Canada A320 (blue card)
SunExpress 737-800 (special trade)
Swissair A310 (IPH/I) ( 0295)
Swissair A319 (196)
Swissair A320 (295)
Swissair A321 (0195)
Swissair A330 (898)
Swissair MD-11 (1095)
UTA B747-400Combi
Varig Brasil MD-11 (new cls)
Virgin Express 737 (-300/-400)

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