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"Airline", I've Tried It!

Tue Apr 24, 2001 8:09 pm

And unfortunately, I don't think it is that realistic at all...

I now think that it doesn't worth the 93.5 dollars I've paid it for...


Tue Apr 24, 2001 8:41 pm

amen to that. here are some examples of the unrealistic nature of the game.
1. Can't lease planes
2. Cannot have more than one hub
3. Cannot know how many passengers flying airline per quarter.
4. Cannot view individual route profits.
5. Cannot see competitors route structures, and therefore cannot know if you are competing against them in a certain region.
6. Cannot refurbish aircraft
7. No slot negotiations
8. Cannot build Mx facilities, etc...
9. Stock purchasing exists, but competitors never sell their stock on the open market.
There are numerous other little things, (maybe some big ones I forgot) as well as being hampered by a HORRIBLE format. There is also a major problem with bugs in the game, which causes the game to crash on a regular basis. (I had to create my own bitmap image in order to see my time-table) This would be bad enough if it wasn't for the fact that there is no SAVE OPTION!!!!! What the hell kind of game doesn't have a save option????? I don't know. Maybe EFZED will fix some of these things, but they would almost have to make a new game in order to correct the numerous problems that this game is afflicted with. I have E-mailed them 3 times so far (I got the game TODAY) making them aware of the various errors I have discovered (such as the lack of an entire file to access the Route Structure map) and have received no response. I'd hate to think I'd been conned and only time will tell, but I will advise everyone to avoid purchasing this game until or if things are fixed and improved. Both are unlikely in my opinion.

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