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Safety Cards To Sell/trade

Thu May 10, 2001 1:26 pm


I’m planning on selling my safety cards if anyone of you are interested. If you have an interesting safety card, I’d be willing to trade with you.

USAirways A319 (Rev. 6/99)
USAirways A320 EOW (Rev. 7/99)
USAirways 757 (Rev. 6/97)
*British Airways 777-200 (Issue 2) (currently on ebay)
Kuwait Airways A300
Kuwait Airways 777-200
American Airlines Super 80 (Rev. 10/2000)
American Airlines 757-200 (Rev. 8/2000)
*Continental Airlines 727-200 (Rev. 6/98) (blue) (Currently on ebay.)
Continental Airlines MD-80 (Rev. 6/98) (pink)
Delta AirLines B767-300ER
Vanguard Airlines B737-200 (Rev. 6/99) “Laminated”
TWA MD80 (Rev. 6/98)
United Airlines B767-300 Overwater (Rev. 1/99)
United Airlines B777-200 (Rev. 10/98)
United Express (Atlantic Coast Airlines) Canadair Regional Jet CL-65 (Rev. 9/1/00)
United Express (Atlantic Coast Airlines) Jetstream 41 (Rev. 9/1/00)

You can e-mail me at Staggerwing777@aol.com if you would like more information.


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