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Smallest Engines

Fri May 11, 2001 8:49 pm

I dunno if this is the right place for this but here goes:

My friends have been working on a small aircraft made of metal and moulded fibreglass, and powered by 2, believe it or not 24HP 4-stroke Motorcycle Engines, and wheels borrowed from my old Maruti-800 car! I seriously doubt it will ever fly with a load of 2 people!

It is a dream plane alright, but i was just wondering if i could find JET engines small enough to be fitted on top of the wings . Mebbe with a 100 kg thrust each?

Can i find such small engines?

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RE: Smallest Engines

Sat May 12, 2001 2:12 am

Someone have probably built such small engines and maybe you can do it yourself but it might be hard to get it certified  Big grin.

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RE: Smallest Engines

Sat May 12, 2001 3:24 am

Anyway u can post pics??

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