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Sun May 20, 2001 5:29 am

Hi, i have FS2000, and the colors usually should be blended in right, like the dawn colors and everything, but for some reason some times this happens, that the colors, let;s say it's day i have few lines of colors, that seperate it like dark blue, blue and light blue, they don't blend in, i alo have windows 2000, and i don;t understand sometimes it workd normally sometimes it doesen;t it's hard to explain, i hope you understand me , it's very wierd, is there something that i can do??? please reply
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RE: FS2000

Sun May 20, 2001 7:15 am

Ok first:
Download the latest driver for your graphics card off the net. (it will be at whoever made the card's website, ie - Voodo)
Try chaging the display otions in FS2000, to either usuing your graphics card or to use software rendering. Try all the differant display options, ie - 800X600 ect. If all of this doesn't work, try getting the new driver for the graphics card then re-installing FS2000.
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