Who Has What Planes?

Sun Jun 03, 2001 3:40 am

Hi everyone,

I'm a new guy to the forums. I live just 15 miles from ORD and have been watching planes my whole life. I started collecting Dragon Wings and some Gemini Jets last year and I'm curious to see what some you other airplane fans have. I like DW, especially their MD-11/DC-10's but will get a GJ if I like the model. Here's what I got:

Dragon Wings:
Airbus A380
Philippines Airlines A340
Swissair A330
American MD-11
FedEx MD-11 - personal fav.
American MD-87
Northwest DC-10 (OC)
Northwest A319
Northwest 747-400 (NC)
Lufthansa Cargo 747-200F Africa
American 727-200
Alaska 737-400
JAL 777-200

Gemini Jets:
National 757-200
United 747-400
Mexicana DC-10-15
United 727-200
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RE: Who Has What Planes?

Sun Jun 03, 2001 4:09 am

Hi, i collect Wooster, PPC and Long Prosper. These are all snap fit 1/200 and 1/250, also i have some special ones!  Smile/happy/getting dizzy
I can't remember which ones are from which company. Buthere they are  Smile/happy/getting dizzy

Ansett Australia B747-300 1/250
British Airways B747-400 "Ireland" 1/250
British Airways B747-400 "UnionJack" 1/75 (Travel agent model, HUGE!  Smile/happy/getting dizzy )
BWIA L1011-500 Tristar 1/250
Cathay Pacific B747-400 1/200 (Cathay Pacific Special model)
Emirates B777-200 1/200
Emirates B777-300 1/200
JAL B747-400 1/100
Pan Am "Clipper" B747-100 1/100
Qantas B747-300 1/100
Qantas B747-400 1/100
Qantas B747-400 1/250
United Airlines B747-400 1/200
Virgin Atlantic B747-400 1/100 n/c
Virgin Atlantic A340-300 1/150 n/c

 Smile/happy/getting dizzy

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RE: Who Has What Planes?

Sun Jun 03, 2001 6:10 am

All Dragon Wings

Gemini Air Cargo DC-10-30F
USAirways A330-232
JAL "Resocha" (pink) B747-300
United "ETOPS" B777-222 (NC)
United B767-322 (NC)
Frontier "Mustang and Mallard on tail" B737-317
Delta (newest livery) B767-432
Delta Shuttle (newest livery) B737-832
Swissair MD-11
Air Tahiti Nui A340-211
Qantas B747-438
Northwest Cargo "Investing in Pacific Trade" B747-2J9F
Northwest Airlines A320
South African Airways B747-444
Korean Air B777-3B5
Alitalia A321-131
Canada 3000 A330-201
China Southern A320-232
Air New Zealand B747-419
TAP Air Portugal A340-312
Cargolux B747-428F
TAM A330-232
Continental B777-224
Continental B737-824
Canadian "Proud Wings" B767-375
Alaska Airlines B737-490
ANK Air Nippon B737-54K
American Airlines DC-10-30
American Airlines B727-223
Lufthansa B747-430
Virgin Atlantic "Lady in Red" A340-311 (OC)
Air Jamacia A321-221
Emirates "Dubai Shopping Festival 2000" A300-605R
Singapore Airlines "50th Anniversary livery" B777-212
Finnair "Moomins Express" MD-11
Thai B777-200

Next week I will be ordering

FedEx "Panda Express" MD-11
Singapore Airlines "1,000 747" B747-412
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RE: Who Has What Planes?

Sun Jun 03, 2001 6:58 am

here is my list (again)

Dragon Wings:
AirCal 737-300
Alaska 737-400
American 727-100 (chrome)
American 727-100 (polish)
American 727-100 Astrojet (chrome)
American 727-100 Astrojet (polish)
American 727-200 (chrome)
American 727-200 (polish)
American 737-800 (chrome)
American 737-800 (polish)
American 737-800 Astrojet (chrome)
American 737-800 Astrojet (polish)
American 747-100
American 767-200
American 767-300
American 777 (chrome)
American DC-10
American MD-11 (chrome)
American MD-87
Braniff 727-100 (blue)
Braniff 727-200 (blue)
Braniff 747-200
Continental 727-200
Continental 737-700
Continental 747-100 (black logo)
Continental 747-100 (red logo)
Continental 777
Continental DC-10
Continental/PEX Hybrid 747-100
Delta 737-800 (97 livery)
Delta 737-800 (new)
Delta 767-300 (97 livery)
Delta 767-300 (new)
Delta 777 (97 livery)
Delta MD-11 (97)
Delta MD-11 (widget)
Delta Shuttle 737-800
Eastern A300
Eastern L-1011
Frontier (horse/duck)
Frontier (porpoise/?)
Hawaiian DC-10 (chrome)
New York Air 737-300
Northwest 727-200 (hybrid)
Northwest 747-400 (new)
Northwest 747-400 (old)
Northwest Orient 727-200
Northwest Orient 747-200
Northwest Orient DC-10
Pan Am 727-200
Pan Am 737-400
Pan Am DC-10
Pan Am L-1011
PEOPLExpress 747-100
United 727-100 (oc)
United 727-100 (ooc)
United 727-200 (oc)
United 727-200 (ooc)
United 747-100 (stars and bars)
United 747-200 (oc)
United 747-400 (new)
United 747-400 (oc)
United 767-200 (oc)
United 767-200 (ooc)
United 767-300 (new)
United 767-300 (oc)
United 777
United A319
United A320
United DC-10 (new)
United DC-10 (oc)
United DC-10 (ooc)
United Shuttle 737-300
USAirways A330
Western DC-10
Western Pacific 737-300 (Simpsons)

Gemini Jets:
Air Florida 737-200
Aloha 737-200
American 727-200
American 737-800 (chrome)
American 737-800 (polish)
American 737-800 Astrojet (chrome)
American 737-800 Astrojet (polish)
American 747SP
American 757 Astrojet
ATA L-1011
Continental 707
Continental 737-800
Delta 747-200
Delta 757 (2002 Olympics)
Delta 757 (97)
Delta 777 (new)
Delta DC-8
Delta L-1011
Eastern 757
Eastern DC-8
Hawaiian L-1011
National 747-200
National 757
Northeast 727-200
Pan Am 707
Pan Am 747-100
Piedmont 737-200
PSA L-1011
Tower Air 747-100
Trans Caribbean DC-8
TWA 707
TWA 747-100
TWA L-1011
United 727
United 747-400
United 747SP
United DC-8
USAirways 757
World MD-11


RE: Who Has What Planes?

Sun Jun 03, 2001 9:47 am


There's a Singapore Airlines 747-412 "1000th 747" on ebay right now with no bidders for $18.50. The seller's name is jneedham. There's 2 days left...

Mat D,
Holy crap! That's a ton of planes. Do you display those things and do you primarily collect american carriers?
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RE: Who Has What Planes?

Sun Jun 03, 2001 10:02 am

Thanks Alphie747 but I don't like ebay. I already have a site I go to and order all my planes from  Smile
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RE: Who Has What Planes?

Sun Jun 03, 2001 11:46 am

Well these are my models !!

My collection of 1:400 scale models

( not in order ) ( Mixed Geminijets and Dragon wings )

ANA B777-300
JAL B777-300
Altalia B747-200 Baci, MD-11
Air Force 1 B747-400 with -200 fuselage
Skyservice A330-300
Thai B777-200 , A330-300 Royal Barge
United B777-200 , A319 , B727-100 (O.C)
Tap B737-300 (Expo 1998 ), A340-300
American MD-11 , B727-200 , B747-100
Egypt Air B777-200
Singapore Airlines B777-200 and A340-300 (50th anniversary ) , B777-300 , B747-400 (Tropical),B747-300 (Big Top)
British Airways B757-200 , Concorde
Delta B767-400ER(OC) , DC-8 ,B777-200 (NC ),B757-200 (Soaring Spirit ),B737-800 Shuttle
Lufthansa Star Alliance A340-200 , Cargo B747-200F (South Africa)
Air France B707-300
BOAC B707-300
Hawaiian DC-10-30
Qantas B747-400 -Normal , F1 Formula and Wunala dreaming
Austrian Airlines A321-100
Aer Lingus A321-100
Air Jamica A320
Pan Am DC-10 , B747-100 , B727-200 with winglets
Emirates B777-200 ,B777-300 , A300-600R
Cosair B747SP
Braniff B747SP
Canadian B747-400 , B767-300 ( Transition livery )
Continental DC-10 , B767-400ER
Piedmont B737-200
USairways A330-300 ( my favourite model ),Boeing 757-200
Caldonian L1011
Trans Carribean DC-8-61
ONA DC-8-61F
Eastern B757-200
City Bird MD-11 Albatros
Air Tahiti A340-300
Iberia A340-300
JALways Rosache B747-200
TAM A330-200
Frontier B737-300
SwissAir Asia MD-11,SwissAir A321-111 ,SwissAir A330-223
Northeast B727-200
Air Florida B737-200
TCA A319-100
Japan Self Defence B767-200ER
Korean Air B777-300
Beluga A300-600ST #3,#4,#5
NASA space shuttle
South Africa B747-400
Airbus A380, A3XX

I have more coming up on order !! This is for now Big grin

My favourite has to be the A330s !! I am simply in love with them .


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