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United Airlines Coin

Mon Jun 04, 2001 8:12 am

Hi. I have a coin from United Airlines which is abouw 3.8cm in diameter. The coin has ridging around the edge. On the front top in an arch ords United Airlines. Across the center in a box there are the words Timeless Quality, and on the bottom in an inverted curve with the words Fleet Operations. There is a picture of a globe in the background. On the back of the coin, there appear to be clouds which are raised up from the surface of the coin, a 747 in the center with United's name on it, and a smaller circle with the words around it, Our Past, Our Present, Our Future. Can anyone tell me who these coins are given to or what the purpose of it is? Thank you. (If I had a scanner I would have put a few pics of it on, but I don't. Sorry.) Thanks for any info.

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