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Problems With 3D Cockpits In FS2000 737s

Wed Jul 04, 2001 9:22 pm

Having recently got FS2000 Pro, I have really got into downloading new aircraft, scenery etc. However, I am getting a bit annoyed with Boeing 737s available. I would like to have a decent one rather than the default. So far, I have downloaded three new ones, Continental, easyJet, and a BA one. They all have a 3D cockpit that interferes with the correct display of the flight deck panel, i.e. if I look left or right, the windows are completely blocked by the virtual cockpit. Has anyone found a 737 that doesn't have this annoying feature, or know how to get rid of it?
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RE: Problems With 3D Cockpits In FS2000 737s

Fri Jul 06, 2001 11:16 am

There is nothing you can do to the aircraft itself, so you have to delete the other views of the panel. You just delete all of bitmaps except for Main.bmp.

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