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Your Models What Have You Got?

Sat Jul 21, 2001 2:26 am

its probably been done about a million times but i wanna know what models do u have i have-

ansett australia 747
monarch DC-10
american airlines 767
airtours international 767
virgin atlantic 747 nc
british airways 747 nc union jack
british airways 777 botswana
air 2000 757 oc
air 2000 757 nc
air 2000 767 nc
britannia 767

all are plastic push fit 1/200 1/250 scale
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RE: Your Models What Have You Got?

Sat Jul 21, 2001 1:47 pm

The models currently displayed:

Western Airlines 727-200

Others in my possesion

United 767

Others not in my possesion, but assembled by myself:

Eastern Airlines L-1011
Pan Am A300
Aloha Airlines 737-200
FedEx 727-100

I expect my collection to grow in the next while...
Jack @ AUS
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RE: Your Models What Have You Got?

Sat Jul 21, 2001 6:55 pm

Modles On Display:


British Airways B747-436 "Japan"
British Airways B747-436 "Rendevous"
British Airways B777-236ER "Delftblue Daybreak"
BWIA L1011-500 o/c "SunJet Trinidad"
Qantas B747-438
Virgin Atlantic B747-4Q8 n/c "Lady Penelope"


Cathay Pacific A330-300 "B-HLA" n/c
Cathay Pacific A340-300 "B-HXB" n/c
Cathay Pacific B747-400 "B-HNA" n/c
Cathay Pacific B777-200 "B-HUE" n/c
Cathay Pacific B777-300 "B-HUI" n/c
Emirates B777-200 "A6-EMD"
Malaysian Airways B747-400
Qantas B747-200 o/c


Singapore Airlines B747-400 "9V-SPA"


British Airways B747-436 "Union Flag"

All these are plastic snap-fits. Long Prosper, PPC, Wooster and Pacific Minatures.

Dan Valentine - Bad Ass MOFO Photographer
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RE: Your Models What Have You Got?

Sat Jul 21, 2001 11:08 pm

Here's my plastic model collection


Premiair DC-10-10 o/c, Long Proser


Britannia B737-800, Long Proser
Britannia B767-300, Long Proser
Icelandair B757-200 n/c, PPC
Premiair A330-300 n/c, Long Proser
United Airlines B747-400 n/c, PPC


Icelandair B737-400 n/c, PPC

Simon Larsson
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RE: Your Models What Have You Got?

Sun Jul 22, 2001 4:58 am

Here is my model collection so far (all are Dragon Wings except for the Eva Air, which is a Jet-x model)

A321-211 Aer Lingus EI-CPC
A321-221 Air Jamaica 6Y-JMD
B747-419 Air New Zealand ZK-NBT
B737-54K Air Nippon (A.N.K.) JA305K
A340-312 Air Portugal (T.A.P.) CS-TOA
A340-211 Air Tahiti Nui F-OITN
B737-490 Alaska Airlines N794AS
A321-131 Alitalia I-BIXO
DC-10-30 American Airlines N137AA
B727-223adv American Airlines N866AA
A330-201 Canada 3000
B767-375 Canadian Airlines "Proud Wings" C-GDUZ
B747-428F Cargolux LX-IVC
A320-211 China Southern B-2324
B777-224 Continental Airlines N78001
B737-824 Continental Airlines N17233
B767-432ER Delta Airlines (new colors) N832MH
B737-832 Delta Airlines Shuttle (new colors) N395DN
A320-214 Edelweiss HB-IHY
A300-605R Emirates A6-EKE
MD-11F Eva Air Cargo N105EV
MD-11 Finnair "Moomins Express" OH-LGC
737-317 Frontier "Mallard & Mustang" EI-CHH
DC-10-30F Gemini Air Cargo N608GC
B717-22A Hawaiian Air N477HA
B747-300 Japan Airlines (J.A.L.) "Reso'cha" (pink) JA8186
B777-3B5 Korean Air HL7533
B747-430 Lufthansa D-ABVF
MD-11CF Martinair PH-MCS
A320-211 Northwest Airlines N331NW
B747-2J9F Northwest Airlines Cargo "Investing in Pacific Trade" N643NW
B747-438 Qantas VH-OJA
B777-212 Singapore Airlines "50th Aniversary" 9V-SQA
B747-444 South African Airways ZS-SAX
MD-11 Swissair HB-IWT
A330-232 TAM PT-MVD
B777-200 Thia Airways HS-TJA
B777-222ETOPS United Airlines N772UA
B767-322 United Airlines N655UA
A330-232 U.S. Airways N670UW
MD-11 Varig PP-VRG
A340-311 Virgin Atlantic "Lady in Red" (old colors) G-VBUS
B737-430 Virgin Express OO-VEF
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RE: Your Models What Have You Got?

Sun Jul 22, 2001 8:11 pm

Here are the models I have : (Wooster)

1/200 -1/250

Aer Lingus oc 737-300
US Airways 767-200
Crossair oc MD80
Balair nc 757
Leisure 767
United oc 747-400
Singapore Airlines 747-400
Air New Zealand oc 747-400
Air France 747-200
Austrian MD-82
Lufthansa A320
Transavia 757 nc
Monarch 737-200 oc
Go 737-300 pink
Swissair MD-11 oc
Virgin Atlantic 340 nc
Virgin Atlantic 747-200 oc
SAS 767-300 oc
Canadian 747-400 oc
Air Malta 737-300
Air Malta 320

British Airways
747-400 oc
747-400 South Africa
747-400 Waves
747-200 oc
757-200 Poland
757-200 oc (x2)
737-200 oc (x2)
737-400 oc
BAC-11 oc
320 oc (x2)
777-200 oc
777-200 Canada
767-200 oc
767-200 Scotland
Concorde oc (x2)
L10 oc
DC10 oc

Deutsche BA 737-300 nc
Deutsche BA 737-300 oc
Delta Airlines 727 oc


British Airways Avro RJ85 Ireland


Saudi Arabian 777-300 nc


Crossair Embraer145 nc


Crossair RJ85 oc


MEA A310
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RE: Your Models What Have You Got?

Sun Jul 22, 2001 10:00 pm

Hey BA 747
I think we are on the same wave length !!!!
I collect 1/200 models and I'm from Glasgow too.
I have 400 models 1/200 scale. It would take me too long to list them all. My favourites are the British Charter airlines. Here are some of my best models -

JMC 757
Airtours A330, 767, 757, A321, A320, MD83
Britannia 737-2, 737-8, 757, 762, 763
Monarch 737-3 737-3, 757, Dc-10, A330, A320,A321
Air 2000 A320, 767-3, 757, 733
Caledonian Tristar, Dc-10, 757, 737, 747 , A320
Orion A300, 737-2, 733
Dan-Air A300, 737-2, 734, 1-11
British Island Airways 1-11, Md-83
Novair DC-10

Plenty More
BA 747 , why don't you give us an e-mail
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RE: Your Models What Have You Got?

Mon Jul 23, 2001 1:05 am

Here is my fleet, they are all Dragon Wings

B767-300 Canadian "Transition Livery"
DC-10 Canadian "Spirit of Canadian, Signatures"
B767-200 Ansett Australia
A340-212 Austrian Airlines
A321-100 Austrian Airlines "Pinzgau, Johann Strauss"
A321 Austrian Airlines "Pinzgau, Millenium"
A321 ANA "Scenic Film"
A300-600 Emirates "Dubai Shopping Festival"
B737-400 Alaska Airlines
B727-200 Continental Airlines
B737-400 Pan Am "Clipper Splendid"
A300-200 Pan Am "Clipper Panama"
B747-400 Cargolux "City of Etelbruck"
MD11 Finnair "moomins Express"
B747-400 Air Canada
B747-400 South African "Kempton Park"
B747-400 Northwest Airlines "Worldplanes"
A320 Northwest Airlines
B727-200 Northwest Orient
B777-200 Aeroflot
MD11 Federal Express
B747-400 Luftansa "Expo 2000"
A300-300 Garuda Indonesia
B737-300 Western Pacific "simpsons"
B747-200 Cathay Pacific "Spirit of Hong Kong 1997"
B747-400 Qantas "Wunala Dreaming"
B747-400 Qantas "Longreach"
B747-300 Singapore Airlines "Big Top"
B747-400 Singapore Airlines "Tropical Megatop 9V-SPK"
B777-200 Singapore Airlines "50th Anniversary, Jubilee"
B747-400 Singapore Airlines "50th Anniversary"
A340-300 Singapore Airlines "50th Anniversary"
A340-300 Air France "World Cup 98"
A340-300 Virgin Atlantic Airways "Lady in Red"
A300-600 Thai Airways
Md11 Thai Airways
B747-400 Thai Airways "Royal Boat"
A330-300 Thai Airways "Celebrating 72nd King"
A300-300 Thai Airways "Celebrating 72nd King"
B767-200 American Airlines
B767-300 Delta Airlines "New Colours"
B737-800 Delta Airlines
MD11 Delta Airlines "1999 Livery"
B777-200 Malaysia "50th Anniversary"
B747-200 Alitalia "Baci"
A380 Airbus "House Colours"
B747-400 KLM "80th Anniversary, City of Bejing"
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RE: Your Models What Have You Got?

Mon Jul 23, 2001 2:34 am

My collection of 1/500 Herpas and Starjets

DC10-10 Orbis (Silver Wings)
B 737-300 Philippines
B 737-300 Condor
B 737-300 Western Pacific
B 737-300 Mearsk
B 747-400 Qantas
B 747-400 KLM
B 747-400 Singapore Airlines
B 747-400F Singapore Airlines
A310-300 Singapore Airlines
A310-300 Emirates
A310-300 Royal Jordanian
A310-300 Aeroflot
B 737-400 British Airways (OC)
A320-200 United Airlines
A320-200 jmc AIR
A300B4 Apollo
B 747-100 TWA
B 747-200 Air Atlanta
B 767-300 British Airways (OC)
B 727-200 Canada 3000/Royal
MD-11 Finnair
B 757-200 LTE
B 757-200 British Airways (OC)
B 757-200 Canada 3000/Royal
B 747-300 Ansett Australia
B 747-300 South African
B 767-200 Air Canada
B 767-200 Qantas
B 767-200 Air Seychelles
B 767-200 American Airlines
B 767-200 US Airways
A340-300 Singapore Airlines
A340-300 Air Lanka
L1011-500 Canada 3000/Royal
B 777-200 British Airways (OC)
B 777-200 British Airways (OC)
B 777-200 Singapore Airlines
B 777-200 British Airways (NC)
BAe Concorde British Airways (OC)
BAe Concorde British Airways (NC)
MD-80 Crossair
ATR 72 Eurowings
A330-300 Airbus Industries
A321-100 Aer Lingus
A319-100 Swissair
Fokker 100 Deutsche BA (OC)
Fokker 100 Air UK
BAe 146-300 Sabena
BAe 146-300 Eurowings
Canadair RJ Tyrolean
B 737-700 TEA Swizerland
B 747-400 KLM Asia
B 747-400 Manderin Airlines
B 737-800 Lauda-air
Dash 8-100 RAC
Canadair RJ Lufthansa Cityline
B 747SP WingsWorld Hong Kong
B 747-400F Cargolux
B 747-100 Boeing
B 737-300 Air New Zealand
A300-600 ST Airbus Industries
A300-600 ST Airbus Industries
B717-200 Olympic Aviation
B 747-200F Lufthansa
DC10-30 Lufthansa
Airport Accessories Frankfurt
Airport Accessories Helecopter, Lights
Airport Accessories Set IV 11 pieces/ radar
Airport Accessories Set 6 Fire Engines,Stairways
A330-300 Cathay Pacific (NC)
A340-300 Cathay Pacific (NC)
B 747-200 Cathay Pacific (NC)
B 747-400 Cathay Pacific (NC)
B 777-200 Cathay Pacific (NC)
B 777-300 Cathay Pacific (NC)
B 737-400 British Midland (schabak)
A330-200 bmi British Midland
B 757-200 Finnair
B 747-400 Singapore Airlines
B 747-400 Singapore Airlines

And my two 1/400 DW - aircraft I have flown on:

B 777-200 Singapore Airlines
B 747-400 Singapore Airlines

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RE: Your Models What Have You Got?

Mon Jul 23, 2001 9:28 pm

aseena, Seems like you have every single rare one they ever made! I cant believe you have got a KLM 747-400! In dragon wings? Ive never even heard of that one. U lucky so and so!
Cheers CHRIS
What do you mean you dont have any bourbon? Do you know how far it is to Houston? What kind of airline is this???

RE: Your Models What Have You Got?

Mon Jul 23, 2001 10:10 pm

Air2000 757 old livery
Air2000 757 new livery
United 767 old livery
BA 744 old livery
Britannia 767
Monarch A300-660R
BA 757 old livery
BA 777 old livery
JMC 757-200
Swissair MD-11
Air UK Leisure 737-400 * 2
Air UK Leisure 767-300ER
British Airways 737-200 new livery
Airtours International MD83
Airtours International 757-200
Air France Concorde

Most of these are the wooster Snap fit with the exception of the BA 777 which is a diecast.

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RE: Your Models What Have You Got?

Wed Jul 25, 2001 11:34 pm


Thanks for your compliment, I do have this KLM model and it is corporate limited to 2000 pcs.
I bought it on ebay like all models that I´ve got
(I startet in february this year) -and has cost me HEAVY
money, would you like a pic of the KLM to your email?

p.s. Have you decided about pokemon B747 yet?

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RE: Your Models What Have You Got?

Thu Jul 26, 2001 7:56 am

I've been building models for many years, I have many completed but only rotatle a few on display at my local FBO. The collection on display now


MD-82 American Airlines
B737-500 All Nippon (ANK)


Hawker HS125-3A ((the matchbox kit) if you have one hang on to it I also have the even harder to find HS125-600A)
F-4J US Navy


Learjet 35A
Cessna CE-500 Citation


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RE: Your Models What Have You Got?

Thu Jul 26, 2001 8:51 am

Here are my collection (all 1:200 or 1:250)
Emirates (LP)

House Colour (LP)
Cyprus Air (LP)

Air Lanka (Wooster)
Dragonair (Wooster)
TransAsia (LP)

Air Inter (Wooster)
Dragonair (LP)

Gulf Air (LP)
Singapore (Wooster)
Virgin Atlantic (o/c Wooster)

Continental (LP)
FedEx (o/c, LP)

Air New Zealand (o/c, Wooster)

New York Air (LP)

Qantas (LP)
USAirways (Wooster)

ANK (Hasegawa)


Air Pacific (o/c LP)
Royal Jordanian (PPC)
Martinair Holland (LP)

Air Hong Kong (o/c, Wooster)
Air Hong Kong (n/c, Wooster)
Nippon Cargo Airlines- NCA (LP)

Swissair (PPC)
Ansett (Hasegawa)

Air Canada (Wooster)
Air China (Combi, PPC)
Air New Zealand (LP)
British Airways (o/c Wooster)
British Airways (n/c, JAPAN, Wooster)
Canadian (o/c, LP)
Cathay Pacific (Wooster)
Cathay Pacific Cargo (LP)
China Airlines (o/c, LP)
China Airlines (1:144, n/c, unknown)
Garuda (PPC)
JAL (OKINAWA, pink flower, Wooster)
Lufthansa (LP)
KLM Asia (PPC)
Malaysia (PPC)
Mandarin (LP)
Northwest (LP)
Northwest (Worldplane, Wooster)
Singapore Airlines (50 special, Wooster)
South African (o/c LP)
Thai (LP)

Royal Burnei (LP)
TWA (n/c, LP)

USAir (Wooster)
Delta (o/c, LP)

Asiana (LP)
Royal Brunei (LP)
Vietnam Airlines (LP)

China Southern (LP)
Continental (Wooster)
United (Wooster)

Ansett New Zealand (LP)

British Airways (Wooster)

Air Transat (o/c LP)
BWIA (n/c, LP)
Dragonair (o/c LP)
Dragonair (n/c LP)
Royal Jordanian (PPC)
Saudi (o/c, PPC)

Continental (LP)

Canadian (PPC)

AA (Wooster)
China Airlines (o/c, LP)
China Eastern Cargo (Wooster)
Delta (o/c LP)
House Colour (LP)

Korean Air (LP)
House Colour (LP)

I have have some other Hasegawa models..... all are 1:200!


 Smile Smile Smile Smile Smile I am looking for Cathay Pacific old logo and Air India B747-400 1:200 desktop model!! If anyone have them for sale, let me know  Smile Smile Smile Smile Smile

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RE: Your Models What Have You Got?

Sat Jul 28, 2001 12:59 pm

I just started collecting. At the moment, I only have one Herpa Wings Airbus A340-211. It's D-AIBA, the one painted in Lufthansa's Star Alliance colors. Unfortunately, the landing gear broke. I am currently expecting a Dragon Wings MD-82 of American Airlines. I also have some of those really unrealistic models that Ertl use to make. They may not be accurate, but they're fun to have just the same. Too bad they're really old and falling apart...
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RE: Your Models What Have You Got?

Sat Jul 28, 2001 1:58 pm

I only have one....... I'm too cheap:
Hasegawa American Airlines MD-11 1:200

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RE: Your Models What Have You Got?

Sat Jul 28, 2001 8:25 pm

a few people have asked me for certain models to see if i have them in my
collection. i thought I would list all my models that I can think of from
the top of my head.
737-200 737-300
Britannia o/c + n/c Monarch
British Airways o/c + n/c Orion
Hispania Sun Express
Monarch Lufthansa express
GB Airways TEA
Aer lingus TEA Switzerland
Aviogenex Easyjet
Airways cymru Euroberlin
Olympic Viva Air
Dan-air British Midland
Air Europe Air Europe
Air Malta Air Europa
Caledonian Air Atlantis
Sabre Air Malta
Inter European
Air 2000 o/c
Transavia o/c
Go ( pink )

Dan-Air 400
Futura 400
Britannia 800
Southwest 700
Icelandair 400
Air Uk Leisure 400
Hapag Lloyd 800
Pegasus 400
British Midland 400
Ryanair 800
Aer Lingus 400

British Airways
Air Portugal
American Trans air o/c, n/c
Air Transat
Gulf Air
Peach Air

Continental o/c
Novair UK
British airways
DAS air cargo
Laker Skytrain
Premiair o/c


Airtours o/c n/c
British Airways
American Transair o/c
Canada 3000
Air 2000 o/c, n/c
Inter European
Air Transat o/c
Icelandair o/c
United o/c
Transavia o/c
Blue Scandinavia
Air Europe
Air Europa
Flying Colours

Boeing House colours

Britannia 200 + 300
British Airways 300 o/c n/c
Condor 300
Airtours o/c + n/c 300
Air 2000 n/c
Martinair 300
Air Holland
Braathens 200
United n/c
Leisure international

British Airways o/c + n/c
Airtours o/c + n/c
Air Malta
Virgin Sun
Air 2000 o/c
Onur Air
Inter european

Leisure International
Air Inter
British Midland

Aer Lingus o/c +n/c
Air Inter

Virgin Atlantic o/c
Gulf Air

Monarch 600
Trans european B4
Air France B4
Orion B4
Dan Air B4

Hapag Llyod
Cyprus Airways o/c n/c

Air Gabon

Fokker 100
British Midland

British Midland
Air Canada n/c
Aviaco o/c

BAC 1-11
British Airways
British World
Birmingham European
British Island Airways

British Airways
Boeing House

British Airways o/c n/c 200 400
Caledonian 200
Highland Express 100
Aer Lingus 100
Malaysian 400
Singapore 400
KLM 400
United O/c 200 n/c 400
Pan Am o/c n/c 200
Lufthansa o/c 200
Sabena o/c 300
Air New Zealand o/c 200
Virgin o/c 200 n/c 400
TWA o/c 100
Air Canada oc 200 N/c 400
Air France 200
Iberia 200
Air India 400
Qantas 300
Continental 200 n/c
El Al cargo 200 o/c
Saudia 300 o/c
Cargolux 400
Hong Kong Air 200C
Phillipines 200
Varig 400
Japan Airlines 400
Northwest 400
Ansett 300
Air Atlanta 200

Air Portugal
TWA o/c
United o/c

BAe 146
Air Uk o/c + N/c

Oasis o/c n/c
Airtours o/c
Air Liberte

I cannot think of any more that I have. I am bored of writing them all now anyway .
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RE: Your Models What Have You Got?

Sun Jul 29, 2001 8:36 am

Oh, I forgot to add that I have two 1:200 models that I got from the inflight shopping magazine on QANTAS and British Airways, both of which are 747-400s... Then I also have one 1:200 model by Hasegawa, also a QANTAS 747-400.
dc-10 levo
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RE: Your Models What Have You Got?

Wed Aug 01, 2001 5:14 am

I collect the same models!

Here is the list:

1) British Airways (South African Tail) 747
2) KLM 747
3) Air 2000 767-300
4) American Airlines 767
5) British Airways Concorde
6) Airtours A330 Airbus
7) Britannia 757-200
8) Virgin Atlantic A340 Airbus

Please get back to me on where you buy your models from!

DC-10 Levo
dc-10 levo
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Please Help! 1:250 Models?

Wed Aug 01, 2001 5:22 am

Hi everybody!
I'm a new model collector, collecting Plastic 1:200/1:250 models.
I have quite a few, but I want to know where to buy others from!
If you collect these models, or know where you buy them from, please get back to me!

Any comments welcome!
Please Help!
Thank you.

DC-10 Levo
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RE: DC-10 Levo

Wed Aug 01, 2001 6:57 am

Well mate, i'm not sure where you are based but for UK buyers i use the following for 1/200/250 Snap Fit models  Smile/happy/getting dizzy

These are pretty good for 1/200/250 but also try for a big range of Snap fits  Smile/happy/getting dizzy


Hope this helps.

Dan Valentine - Bad Ass MOFO Photographer
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RE: DC-10 Levo

Wed Aug 01, 2001 10:44 pm

Thanks a lot for your reply!
I'm just off to try them now!

DC-10 Levo
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RE: DC-10 Levo

Thu Aug 02, 2001 12:44 am

Hope you find something you like!  Smile/happy/getting dizzy
Let us know what you buy.
Dan Valentine - Bad Ass MOFO Photographer

RE: Your Models What Have You Got?

Thu Aug 02, 2001 1:55 pm

I dont mean to seem cheap but does anyone have any models they are selling with good deals?
Your reply will be appreciated:  Smile/happy/getting dizzy

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RE: Your Models What Have You Got?

Tue Aug 07, 2001 2:06 pm

I need help I've been looking for an Amercian Airlines
A-300 in scale 200 but I haven't found one if anyone
knows were I can get one it would be greatly
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RE: Americawest123

Wed Aug 08, 2001 12:54 am

I have tom!  Smile/happy/getting dizzy
E-Mail me at:

Dan Valentine - Bad Ass MOFO Photographer
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RE: Your Models What Have You Got?

Wed Aug 08, 2001 5:37 pm

Just 2:

Click for large version
Click here for full size photo!

Photo © Peter Unmuth - Vienna Aviation Photography


Click for large version
Click here for full size photo!

Photo © Paulo carvalho

That's the company I'm working for
US Air/TWA Fan
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RE: Your Models What Have You Got?

Sat Aug 11, 2001 2:07 am

I have over 100 models...maybe 150 models...I lost track a long time ago...all are airliners....

I have almost the entire US Airways and TWA fleets...and a lot of other planes...about 95% of my collection is US domestic airlines.

707, 727, 747, 757, 767, L10, M80, DC9, ATR-42
a combo of new colors, stripes, and 60's delivery colors...multiple colors in the same plane types too.
I want a 717, but no one makes it yet...

US Airways
A320, 737 (Piedmont), 757, 767, F-100, Do328, MD80?, etc. again multiple nc/oc I want an A330, but can't find one...

other airlines: all US majors, most smaller US airlines....from Midway, ATA, AirTran and Valujet, AmWest, National...etc.

Also, defunct airlines: Piedmont, Pan Am, Eastern, Western, etc.

Special color schemes: Western Pacific "Simpsons", Amwest "Ohio", American 757 "Retrojet", Southwest...forgot state..., NWA "Worldplane", etc.

International: I have a small collection that consists of British Airways, Swissair, Air Canada, Varig, and others...

Most of my models are snap together 1/200, 1/250 models... a few are snap together 1/100/150?

Some are solid (wood and/or heavy plastic) a 2 foot long B757-200 of America West.

Needless to say, I love the airline industry.
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RE: Your Models What Have You Got?

Sat Aug 11, 2001 11:31 am

I'm a model freak, so I have a growing fleet. I build so often I almost cut my finger off with the exacto knife a week ago-got half the tendin so 1 stich in the tendin and four in my skin! Had to go to the ER!

Virgin Atlantic 747-400
VC-25A Air Force One
TWA Flight 800 replica
Alaskan Airlines 727-200
Royal Dutch 747-400
Cayman Airlines 737-400
VC-137 Air Force One
Hughes 500 Helicopter
SR-71A Blackbird
Lufthansa 707
American 757-300
US Airways 737-300
America West Airlines 757

That's about it, for now!

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RE: Your Models What Have You Got?

Sat Aug 11, 2001 11:33 am

Forgot to mention the British Airways 747-400. Remember, be careful with those exacto knives!!! It's not fun when you cut yourself!

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RE: Your Models What Have You Got?

Sat Aug 11, 2001 1:50 pm

Well, sit back, because this is gonna be a long list! One of my favourite hobbies is building model airliners. I currently have the following assembled:

1/96 (completed):

Capital Airlines Vickers Viscount 700

1/100 (completed):

Aeroflot Tupolev TU-134 (VEB Plastikart)

Under construction:

Aeroflot Ilyushin IL-62 (VEB Plastikart)
Aeroflot Tupolev TU-114 (VEB Plastikart)
Aeroflot Yakovlev YAK-40 (VEB Plastikart)

1/144 (completed):

Aeroflot Ilyushin IL-96-300 (landing gear added) (ANTK-Tupolev)
Aeroflot Boeing 767-300ER (Revell Germany)
Aer Lingus Boeing 737-400 (Minicraft)
Air France SUD/Aviation Caravelle I (Airfix)
American Airlines Boeing 757-200 (Minicraft)
BOAC Boeing 707-420 (scratch-painted decals) (Airfix)
British Airways Concorde (Airfix)
British Airways Boeing 747-400 (old c/s) (Revell Germany)
British European Airways deHavilland Trident 1C (Airfix)
Continental Airlines Airbus A300B4 (Airfix)
Dan-Air London deHavilland Comet 3B (Airfix)
Delta Air Lines Airbus A310-300 (Revell Germany)
Delta Air Lines Boeing 737-800 (old new c/s) (Revell Germany)
Delta Air Lines McDonnell Douglas DC-8-71 (retrofitted with resin CFM engines) (Revell)
Eastern Airlines Airbus A300B4 (Airfix)
Iberia McDonnell Douglas DC-9-30 (Airfix)
Modern Air Convair CV990 (Revell)
Olympic Airways Boeing 737-300 (Minicraft)
Ozark McDonnell Douglas DC-9-30 (Airfix)
PanAm Boeing 727-200 (Airfix)
Singapore Airlines Airbus A340-300E (Revell Germany)
Swissair Fokker F100 (Revell Germany)
TWA Boeing 727-200 (new c/s) (Airfix)
TWA Convair CV880 (1/126) (Glencoe)
TWA Lockheed Super Constellation (Monogram)
United Airlines Boeing 737-200 (Airfix)
United Airlines McDonnell Douglas DC-10-10 (Revell)
Western Airlines Boeing 737-200 (Airfix)

Under construction:

Air Jamaica Airbus A310-300 (Revell Germany)
British Caledonian BAC 1-11 (Airfix)
Lufthansa Airbus A321 (Revell Germany)
Northwest Airlines Boeing 757-200 (Minicraft)
PanAm Boeing 707-320B Intercontinental (Minicraft)
Texas International McDonnell Douglas DC-9-10 (shortened fuselage) (Airfix)
TWA Boeing 757-200 (Minicraft)
United Airlines McDonnell Douglas DC-10-30 (Revell)
USAirways Airbus A330-300 (Revell Germany)

1/200 (completed):

American Airlines Boeing 767-300ER (Hasegawa)
American Airlines Boeing 777-200 (Hasegawa)
LOT Polish Airlines Boeing 767-200ER (Hasegawa)
TWA Boeing 767-300ER (Hasegawa)
TWA Lockheed L1011-100 (Hasegawa)

This is not taking into account that there are many unassembled kits under my bed and in storage boxes.  Smile

I'd like to add the commentary that out of all the kits I've built, Revell Germany has the most accurate and detailed of all, as well as the best fit. Close behind is Minicraft, especially their latest offerings, from what I've heard. The rest range good to average, but all are great kits in my eyes.
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RE: Your Models What Have You Got?

Mon Aug 13, 2001 4:27 am

This is Mikas from Lithuania.I have 21 models :

Singapore airlines B767
Interflug company (German)AN24
Lufthansa B727-200
Brithish airways B737-300
Air France B737-200
Air Canada A340
Airbus company A330
Brithish Airways Concorde
Air France Concorde
Lufthansa B747-400
Airbus Company Super Transporter
Aeroflot IL62
Aeroflot TU154
Aeroflot TU134 Interflug company (German) IL18
Air France Caravelle
B.O.A.C. (England) Comet 4

And thats all. If you whant write to me. My e-mail

Good luck

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RE: Your Models What Have You Got?

Fri Aug 17, 2001 12:27 am

Ansett Australia Boeing 747-400(plastic)
Pan Am Boeing 727 Clipper Pathfinder(plastic)
Brittish Airways Boeing 737-200(plastic)
Delta Boeing 777-200 in their new color scheme
Air Canada Airbus A 340 Star alliance
Boeing company Boeing 777-300 (it's silver)
Brittish Airways Boeing 747
Continental Airlines DC-10
Air France Concorde
Continental BAE-146
American Airlines Boeing 777
Japan Airlines DC-10
Lufthansa Airbus A300
Fedex Airbus A310
I will have some more later on
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