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Airline Management Sim Again

Thu Aug 02, 2001 8:47 am

I am sure this has been asked before, but i didn't find it in the older messages, or the new ones. What airline management sims are out there besides Airpro 2000 and airline tycoon. If these are the only 2, please delete this thread. I would appreciate any response. If you want to make a "this has already been discussed" post, just suggest deletion of this thread instead. Thanks
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RE: Airline Management Sim Again

Thu Aug 02, 2001 9:09 am

Airbucks, Aerobiz Supersonic, Airpro 4.1, Airpro 4.5

Related with air transport managemenent games:
Transport Tycoon (has same air bussines), Airport Tycoon.

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