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Re: CombatSims -- How Do You Dogfight?

Fri Aug 24, 2001 4:43 pm

Basically I'll give some serarios I've been on in Janes' ATF (old DOS game) campaigns and tell me how you'd go about it.
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If this ends up sounding like a military post, please tell me.
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Mission: fly a MIGCAP around waypoints near enemy airbases and distroy any aircraft on the ground or in the air.
Enemy aircraft: M2000's , F-4's
Enemy SAM's: unknown

We're allowed to pick any fighter, I pick the best: F-22a, and load up 750 Vulcun cannon, 4 AIM-9x's and 4 AMRAAM's. All enemy wings in this mission are 1 leader and 2-3 wingmen. I have only one wingman and he's loaded like me.

At this point, like the topic, how do you dogfight? I know the AMRAAM is a standoff weapon that has a range of 20mi, but it's hit percentage isn't high enough for a successful kill until the target is 6-10 miles away; we can see each other by then. Plus the AIM-9x's don't work until you're within 2 miles even though thier range is 5!

Also which plane do you tell your wingman to attack?
And if your wingman is "splashed," which enemy has priority? In the game I am a Lt. Col. and can't get any higher.

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Re: CombatSims -- How Do You Dogfight?

Sat Aug 25, 2001 5:53 am

Well, I fly dogfights in Janes F/A-18, so I will try to help you. Bascily, wait until you are in range. A dogfight isnt a dogfight without some guns! I love gun kills, so I would suggest using the missiles in an emergency. If your wingman is splashed, your first priority should be to take his 6. Knock the boggy down that has him, then continue on. He is yours to bring back ALIVE. Hope this helps.

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